Hooked On You

Hooked On You


Hooked on You Fishing Gifts

Need an idea that will be ready in just a few minutes but will have you looking more crafty than ever?! These fun fishing gifts will have you set up to WOW your fisherman, shower them with sweet love and you won’t break the bank either. We loved this clever fishy quote, “Hooked on You” so we used it for inspiration and created the perfect last minute gift idea, PLUS we even added a few more fishing sayings to round out your repertoire. Get ready to get your spouse hooked on these super sweet fishing gifts in where all you need is a mason jar and some candy!

Hooked On You Mason Jar Gifts #hookedonyou #fishinggift #masonjargifts

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Mason Jar Gifts

Throw this quick and easy gift together by grabbing a few simple things: Candy, a Mason Jar, and the free, downloadable Fishing Prints. Seriously, that is all you need! Mason jars are such a cute and simple way to package candy gifts and the printables that Courtney from Paperelli designs will make a kid-friendly candy look flawlessly romantic.

Fishing Sayings to Add to Mason Jar Gifts

You can cut the labels down to size to fit just about any jar you have. I had a few glass jars lying around from Ikea so I didn’t even have to shop for new ones. Yes! If your jar is wide and they don’t fit all the way around the jar you can use some pretty washi tape to attach it OR you can even just put the print inside the jar. No crafting required!

Hooked on You

Last Minute Gifts for Fishermen

Use these printables to tell your sweetie, I’m Hooked on You. Such a clever little play on this romantic phrase. All you have to do is fill up that jar (or a clear pail) with a pack or two of gummy worms and your spouse will have a fishing snack that reminds them how much you love them.

Hooked on You Candy Mason Jars

A Million Fish in the Sea

Fishing Gifts with Candy Mason Jars

In addition to the fishing sayings on the jar label, we also added some cute jar toppers. These are perfect for adding to the jar’s lid or attaching like a tag on a string around the rim of the jar. You can use them interchangeably with either of the gift jar labels and they can be cut down to the right size, too which makes it all so easy!

Candy Mason Jars as Fishing Gifts

Our original inspiration was “Hooked on You” but we wanted to give you another option, too. We’ve got a bonus set that you can give together, add to another jar and save for later, or give by itself. This fishing saying is perfect for a mason jar gift that’s filled with Swedish fish or gummy sharks.

These fishing gifts go great together or they can be used separately (in which case you’re probably going to want to PIN this idea to use the other set later), but either way, your spouse is sure to be “Hooked on You” too after they receive these delicious mason jar gifts!




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