10 Easy Dusting Hacks for When You’re Beyond Lazy

Dust is evidence. You can trace it like rings of a tree to know how long it’s been since you’ve cleaned. Some find dusting therapeutic and get to surfaces before dust even has a chance to settle, others dust only when their mother in law brings it to their attention. Whichever camp you belong to, these dusting hacks are something you can use from time to time…because less time spent dusting the bookshelf equals more time reading the books.

1. Turn on your HVAC systems fan

Kick up dust without lifting a finger. The fan gets the air in your house moving, until eventually it makes its way to the intake where your air filter can trap and store dust. (You don’t actually get to call this “dusting”—it’s more of an assist.) Don’t forget to change your air filter often if you make this a habit.

2. Apply wax to your appliances and air vents to keep them dust-free for longer

Deep cleaning the appliances and vents in your home is a big job that requires lots of elbow grease. To keep from having to do this often, apply wax after you’ve given everything a good cleaning. It’ll make dusting those spots a breeze in the future.

3. Use a dryer sheet to remove dust from baseboards

Dryer sheets (new or used) collect dust better than a cloth. Run one along your baseboards and see for yourself how quickly it attracts dust particles.

More ways to hack dryer sheets: Why You Should Keep Your Used Dryer Sheets

(Image credit: hxdbzxy/Shutterstock)

4. Don’t make your bed

These are lazy hacks, just like we told you! Your sheets air out better when they’re left untucked and a little messy, deterring dust mites from settling in your cozy covers.

5. Cover a dust mop with a chenille sock

Out of Swiffer sheets? Slip a chenille sock around the mop and use it to dust floors, walls, and ceilings. Toss the sock in the washing machine once it fills up with dust and use it again and again.

6. Dust your blinds with a sock

Slip the other chenille sock over your hand and use your fingers to get into the grooves of your horizontal blinds. You’ll be surprised at how much dust you’ll be able to reach, fast.

7. Use a pillowcase to dust your fan blades

A pillowcase will grab that dust like nobody’s business. Just open it up, carefully slide it over the fan blade and use it to wipe out from the center of the fan to the tip of the blade. The motion collects the dust from the blades and any dust that falls drops into the pillow instead of onto your floor

8. Cut a Magic Eraser into strips and use it to wipe down your keyboard

Trimming down the bulky task tackler makes it easier to maneuver through the small crevices on your keyboard where dust collects. (No more having to plow through 10 Q-tips to get the job done.) It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by around the clock—clean hands help keep your keyboard clean, which means less time spent on this particular chore down the line.

9. Run a lint remover over dusty lampshades and curtains

Upholstery brushes are great, but a lint brush does the job and is a quick fix if you only need to spot clean a small area. Anyone with a cat or dog knows the lower 2 feet of a curtain panel in front of a sunny window needs weekly maintenance, so keep that lint roller close by.

10. Use a makeup brush to dust small decorative items

Knickknacks around the house are fun, but can be dusty buzzkills. The ultimate hack is to slim down your collections, but if they bring you ultimate joy, keep them looking good by busting the dust with that extra makeup brush you never figured out how to use.

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