…And here I am!

So, today at 9:00am, I was sitting in my classroom at my desk, grading papers and waiting for the school day to start at 9:30, when my phone rings.  It’s my kids’ school calling to tell me Bean doesn’t feel well.  Like any good mother, I said very sympathetically to the school nurse, “Oh, no!  Poor baby!  Can I speak with him for a minute?” and then when he was on the phone, I lowered my voice to a threatening whisper and said, “OH, COME ON, BEAN!  It’s not even 9:00 yet, dude!”

Eventually, I convinced him to hang in there for a few more hours until my planning period and I would bring him some medicine then.  But when I got to his school later in the morning, he just looked pitiful.  He was running a low fever, had pink cheeks, glassy eyes, and I could just tell he felt lousy.

Which made me feel lousy.

So without a plan in my head for what the heck I would do for the rest of the day, I signed him out and took him to school with me.  Today is one of those days where Chris and I both have busy, busy schedules.  He couldn’t get all the way home to get Bean, so I rearranged my classes and ended up taking Bean home.


And as I sat here on my couch with Bean sleeping next to me, I thought to myself, “I used to do something I loved in my spare time.  I think it had something to do with writing and pictures and telling all my family’s secrets. I wonder what that was… Wasn’t it something like b-b-b…boggen?  Bogin?  That’s close.  A bog? Oh!  I remember – A BLOG!!!”

Honestly, I never planned to stop blogging last year.  Chris and I got really busy with ClassMax (more on that soon), I started teaching at a new school, and life just kind of took over for a while.  And I wanted to come back here and post a little hello, just to tell everyone that I was alright and hadn’t, like, been kidnapped by a drug cartel or something (wouldn’t that have made for an interesting blog post…), but every time I thought about reaching out into my imaginary world again, I got all awkward and weird.  Because in real life, I am awkward and weird in situations like this.  Do I say something?  Do I not?  Should I just walk away?  Should I wave?  Should I storm off dramatically?

So, I did what I normally do in real life.  I avoided eye contact.

But, this is just silly Imaginary Friends.  I miss you all, and I don’t care who know it or how long we’ve been apart or why we broke up!  I MISS YOU AND I WANT YOU IN MY LIFE!  I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE, IMAGINARY FRIENDS!  TAKE ME BACK AND START SILENTLY JUDGING MY LIFE CHOICES LIKE WE USED TO DO!

There.  I said it.  Now, let’s not be weird and awkward.  Let’s just move on like it never happened.  Because that’s also how I handle things in real life.

(I should probably see a therapist.)

Anyway, things are going good over here in my corner of the imaginary world.  My teaching gig at my new school is really great.  It is super different than where I was before, both in terms of students and peer teachers.  I miss my teacher friends from my old school, but I am learning here that my work life doesn’t have to be my whole life and I am really loving that new balance I have found.  My students are definitely more challenging here.  Discipline seems to be a struggle at this school, but I am getting a handle on what works and what doesn’t here and I feel like I hit my stride around Christmas.


ClassMax is doing unbelievably well.  Chris and I are amazed every day with what we have created and where we are right now.  We have over 1,000 teachers using ClassMax in classrooms all across the country and are in schools and school districts, too.  We have put together a rock star team to keeps reaching farther and farther, and Chris and I are both really loving this experience of owning and operating a startup and we love that we get to go through this together.



The kids are doing just as great as we are.  Both kids are playing tennis right now and somehow even ended up in the same lessons group, which means I only have to go to the tennis courts twice a week (whoop whoop!).  Gracie is still doing Girl Scouts and my mom is still leading it, which is a hoot and a half twice a month.  Bean decided he didn’t want to do Cub Scouts anymore, and so Chris and I stepped down from Scout leadership.  It ended up being the right timing because ClassMax started taking off right around the same time and our schedules were just about to burst.




My family is doing well right now, too.  My mom is in the process of moving again to a smaller place still in The Villages and she is even seeing someone!  I’m really happy for her.  I get to meet the special someone in a few weeks and I’m really looking forward to that.  My sister’s family is happy and healthy, too.  They are at Disney right now, so we got to spend Easter with them.  I can’t get over how fast her kids are growing up!  She started a blog, too, called “Roots, Wings, and Other Things,” and it chronicles her life as a working mom.  Be sure to check that out on your adventures into the internets.



So, that’s about it.  That’s what’s been going on.  I’m so glad we could chat about it together.  I missed our chats.  Let’s chat more.  In fact, let’s chat tomorrow, okay?  Same place?  Same time?  I’ll bring pictures and silly stories and you bring stretchy pants and snacks.

P.S.  I cut my hair and am wearing it straight now.  I’ll tell you why later.  But it had something to do with being mistaken for a middle schooler twice.  Actually, that’s really the whole story.  Twice at my own school, different teachers thought I was a student.  So, I cut my hair to look like a real adult.

P.S.S./P.P.S (I can’t remember which one is right) It has taken me an hour to remember how to upload pictures on my blog posts. Blogging is, apparently, NOT like riding a bike.

P.S.S.S./P.P.P.S (still can’t remember which is right) Make sure you follow me on Instagram (user name: katiebeeeeeeeeeeee) (that’s 12 b’s) in case we ever get separated again.

P.S.S.S.S/P.P.P.P.S. I haven’t blogged in so long that all of my accounts have logged me out and I can’t remember any of my user name or passwords.  Is this is universe telling me it’s not a good idea to start blogging again?  EFF OFF, UNIVERSE!  MY STORIES WILL BE TOLD!  YOU CAN’T SILENCE ME!

P.S.S.S.S.S./P.P.P.P.P.S. Never mind.  Found my login.



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