Pinterest Was Obsessed with These House Tours Last Month

Last month I published a fantastic set of house tours (mostly new, but also some always-great hits). I also shared some tantalizing peeks of homes through house calls, which are submitted by readers like you (and yes, you can submit, too!). I know it’s hard to pick a favorite photo from a recent house tour (they’re all pretty much spectacular), but if you did, I bet it might be one of these 10 stunning shots.

We crunched the numbers to dig up what the most pinned photos were of house tours and house calls published in March; below are the results! Peruse to see if your favorites from last month made the list:

This beautiful rental is a minimalist’s dream wrapped up in lots of plants.

Proof that sometimes accidents make great style stories!

I would have been disappointed if a plant shop owner’s home wasn’t filled to the brim with plants.

An oldie, but a goodie: This New York home’s architecture is jaw-dropping.

(Image credit: Dustin Walker)

A light and bright space filled with the creative owner’s art.

This London home is the perfect mix of modern and rustic.

This was actually a post I put together to show how a UK home’s bedroom got a makeover!

You can’t help but smile when flipping through the photos of this un-apologetically positive home.

Hmm…a minimal, sleek, modern renovated school bus? Yes please!

The photo from this New Zealand house call isn’t just for plant lover…apparently a lot of people found it dreamy! The good news is that more photos of this loft are on the way; I sent a house tour photographer there to capture a full tour.

Have you seen the new landing page for house tours? You can search by both city AND style!



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