These 3D Printed Chairs Represent a Brave New World of Furniture Design

For decor with an abundance of dramatic design flair, look no further than the dazzling debut furniture collection from Spanish brand Nagami. Named Brave New World after Aldous Huxley’s famous novel, the collection includes four 3D printed chairs.

The main takeaway from these artistic home accessories is that one can never be too intentional about design inspiration. Each of Nagami’s pieces has such an intricate, layered purpose that goes far beyond your typical home effects.

For starters, there are Bow and Rise, two highly durable Zaha Hadid Architect designs inspired by underwater ecosystems and comprised of polylactic acid plastic, a biodegradable, non-toxic material. London architect and designer Daniel Widrig’s Peeler Chair marks the collection’s third piece. The “skin-like” seating option underwent the 3D printing process in a matter of hours, thanks to an industrial robot which performed the duties. Describing the sleek PLA plastic-clad item, Widrig told Dezeen, “The chair has been designed to satisfy both the ergonomic constraints of the human body, as well as the ergonomics of the robotic arm that prints it.”

Rounding out the collection is British designer Ross Lovegrove’s Robotica TM stool, a multi-hued piece produced by an unconventional design process that fused layers of materials together. It can also function as a TV stand, a table or a decorative item.

Of its innovative designs, Nagami says, “We craft every detail, from the early conception of a product, to the software that allows it to come to life, exploring new ways of creating furniture and environments which push the limits of imagination to unseen territories.”

Brave New World makes its debut during Milan Design Week from April 17-22.

If we’re all going to be living in 3D-printed apartments in the near future, we might as well have the complementary furniture to go with it.



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