The Pioneer Woman’s Boutique Hotel In Oklahoma Is Now Open

In shocking news to literally no one, the Pioneer Woman’s new hotel – The Boarding Room — sold out for the first six months in less than 30 minutes.

We’ve been following closely as Ree shared her and Ladd’s hotel reconstruction story over the last nine months. We ogled along with all of Instagram as she posted the first picture of the hotel a couple months ago. We laughed when she couldn’t decide on the right color green for the Emerald Room (Ree has strong opinions about the color green.) And we were delighted to hear that she wanted to provide fresh cookies in each room.

So, yeah, we weren’t too surprised to find out that everyone else wanted to go to this hotel in the middle of Oklahoma, too.

What’s The Boarding House?

In case you’re not as familiar with The Boarding House concept, let me break it down for you. First of all, the hotel only has eight rooms — that’s incredibly small. Each of the rooms has a theme. There’s the Butterfly Room, which apparently offers “hints and whispers at the curves and lines butterflies are known for.” And then there’s the Ranch Room, which will make you feel like you’re staying at the Drummond ranch. All of the rooms range in price from $149 to $279 a night.

The hotel also offers some pretty sweet amenities, including turndown service complete with a tiny truffle, personalized morning coffee, complimentary wine and beer happy hour, and mercantile in-room dining.

Getting a Reservation at The Boarding House

The hotel was open for reservations as of yesterday and it sold out for the first six months in 30 minutes, according to People. Since then it looks like things have booked up even more. Right now on the reservations page rooms are full until at least December 2018 — and even then, it’s for only a one- or two-night stay. January 2019 is when things start opening up a little more, but who knows how long that will last.

Do you plan on booking a reservation at The Boarding House?



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