12 Purple Rooms to Inspire Your Decorating

If you think purple is reserved for Tim Burton paraphernalia and infamous 90’s dinosaurs, think again. Ultra Violet is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, and if we trust anyone with color, it’s Pantone. From minimal to sophisticated, we’ve found 12 rooms that prove purple is anything but scary.

The Subdued

Purple and yellow are complementary colors, so pairing your voilets and mauves with golden hues is always a good idea. Keeping additional colors to a minimum and using a subtle lime wash paint, gives this purple room a “broken in” feel, which makes this eye-catching color feel oh-so-dreamy.

Like the Bauwerk vignette preceding it, this photo of Amanda Ross’s Manhattan bedroom features a muted purple wall, with visible imperfections on its surface, which helps to subdue the “purpleness” of the hue. Combined with golden complimentary hues, this creamy violet wall is just right for inducing a satisfying slumber.

The Traditional

This dining room by Eileen Kathryn Boyd is by all accounts fairly formal and traditional—EXCEPT FOR THE PURPLE CEILING. The designer incorporates the tone in a high-gloss finish to feel unexpected, yes, but also refined.

When combined with classic patterns like plaids and vintage florals, purple blends right in with a traditional design. (We even scrounged up this super traditional vintage 1930s bathroom photo from House & Garden Magazine as proof.) Here, in the home of Frances Merrill, purple serves as an accent color, woven into said patterns for a delightful pop of color.

A lavender prairie-style dress accentuates a Southwestern rug that includes the shade, in this simple, old-timey decor scheme on Design Sponge. For those not ready to dive into the color, try prominently displaying your pretty purple pieces as decor.

This Nina Campbell-designed hotel room at Germany’s Schlosshotel Kronberg, also utilizes complementary golden tones. A delicate and whimsical purple patterned wallpaper mimics the traditional, feminine silouettes in the space.

The Minimalistic

Oddly enough, the minimalist approach to purple feels the most avant-garde. Because minimalism is often associated with neutral tones, adding a purple element to a pared-down design scheme can have rather striking results, as seen at the Hotel Saint-Marc Paris. Shout out to Dimore Studio for making PURPLE CARPET look chic.

In the Miami Beach home Sonia Gil and Tony Vazquez, subtle purple-hues pop against a yellow-centric design. With plenty of open space and a very minimal color scheme, a smidge of purple is unexpected and fun (something not usually associated with minimalism).

The Eclectic

While no color is off limits for an eclectic space, this purple wall still stands out in the home of designer Billy Cotton. What makes this poppy wall work is the use of so many different natural textures and materials to balance it out. Also, can we talk about this color purple and how it is both bold and subdued, vibrant and muted, and fun and sophisticated??

You can’t talk purple without mentioning New Orleans. While purple stands out to most of the world, in New Orleans, it’s a way of life. In Miranda Lake’s Crescent City home, a quirky blue-and-green room is turned on it’s head with an unexpected pop by way of a small purple indoor/outdoor rug.

The Small Doses

Unexpected placement and surprising texture, like the purple on the doors of this Crosby Studios’ project, make the pigment posh. The combo of high ceilings and otherwise toned-down decor feels elevated and relaxing.

Like a blossoming lavender field, purple and green are an undeniably sophisticated color combo. Here, large scale, high-end pieces make a regal purple-and-green color scheme feel like a natural choice.

Are you ready to take the purple plunge? Are you a purple hater? Let us know how you feel about Pantone’s Color of the Year in the comments!

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