Before & After: Dated Mauve Tile Becomes Classic Herringbone — Sweeten

Some vintage bathrooms are incredibly charming, but I’m afraid the same could not be said of this one. One of the bathrooms in Jonathan and Cecilia’s Queens apartment was a mishmash of styles, with a black and gold sliding shower door, an uninspiring vanity cabinet, and wall and floor tile in a particularly unappealing shade of mauve. Since the apartment’s price was far below what they anticipated paying (a real rarity in New York), the couple decided to use the money they saved to give their apartment a dramatic overhaul.

The formerly mauve bathroom is now a bright, cheerful space, with glossy white wall tile that reflects light and helps this small bathroom feel more generous. The floor is white marble, and the back wall of the shower is covered with marble tiles in a herringbone pattern, which adds a bit of texture to the mix. A built-in shower niche keeps the tub surround free of clutter. The modern faucet and showerhead make for a streamlined look, and the frameless glass shower door helps to open up the space.

The vanity, in a dark wood, provides a nice contrast to the bright white of the rest of the space. It has a bit more counter space, convenient for when you need to put down a toothbrush or a glass, and it also has drawers, always a welcome addition to any bathroom, and particularly one of this size.

Although it’s still a tight space, the new bathroom doesn’t feel cramped, thanks to its bright walls and streamlined, modern style. And, most importantly, it’s no longer mauve.

Jonathan and Cecilia found their contractor on Sweeten, a free service matching homeowners with local general contractors. You can read more about the project, see more photos, and find sources on the Sweeten blog.



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