Girls Weekend in the Hahhhhhhmptons

This past weekend, my two best girlfriends and I met at JFK, rented a car, and drove to the Hamptons for a much needed girls weekend.  We rented the most beautiful waterfront house in Southhampton for three days and basically spent our time talking anywhere we could.  We talked in the house, we talked outside the house, we talked in the car, we talked in fancy restaurants, we talked in small cafes, we talked in celebrity driveways, we talked in bakeries…  Anywhere we were, we were talking.  And it was GLORIOUS.


Our rental house was booked through AirBNB and it was perfect. There were four bedrooms and four baths, which meant we had PLENTY of room to spread ourselves out. There was also a huge living room with fluffy couches and cozy blankets, complete with a fireplace that we took advantage of every night. It also had a dining room table and chairs that I am now on the hunt to find for my own house because they were PERFECT. And there was even a little loft in the living room, which we got boozey and climbed up into one night.




For a video tour of our house and to see our Day One Instastories, click here.

We got to our rental house around 5:00 on Friday afternoon, so we decided to get dressed and head out to a nice dinner while we still had some energy.  But first, we toasted the sunset with champagne and selfies. (Get ready for so many selfies, you guys…)


We ate at a delicious little French bistro in Southhampton called Bistro Ete. It was so quaint and cozy and oh-so-very Hahhhhhhhmptons (which is the only way to pronounce it, by the way…).



(Here’s what I wore…)


That night after dinner, we went back to the house and drank our way through several bottles of wine while we caught up on each other’s lives. We group text just about every day, but there’s nothing better than sitting down face to face and talking through life together.

Also, the wine was fabulous…



The next morning, we slowly got up and made our way to the couches, where we sat and talked for another almost two hours before getting dressed and heading out for the day.


Also, my dress had pockets and that made me very happy.


We first headed out to a little place called Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor. It was really casual and laid back, with a gorgeous outside area to eat. There were just tables set up all throughout an outdoor garden, tucked into little nooks and crannies. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a reservation, so we ended up taking three barstools at the counter, but even that was great. And, of course, we talked and talked and talked.



After brunch, our plan was to drive all the way out to the end of the island to the Montauk Lighthouse and then meander our way back through the little towns all afternoon. We ended up stopping and shopping all along the way out to the lighthouse. Anytime we saw a little main street, we pulled over and strolled around.


We are all big readers, so we stopped in at least three little independent bookstores. I think we spent most of our shopping time in bookstores, browsing around, sharing books we’d read with each other, talking about our favorite authors, and seeing what local authors were publishing. Bookstores and friendships for me go hand in hand.



To see little glimpses of the towns we visited and to see our Instastories from Day Two, click here. Some of the video might overlap with the first, but that’s just how I downloaded it from Instagram. Skip ahead to the part you haven’t seen yet if you watch the first one. 🙂

We finally made it to the lighthouse and it was beautiful! Sarah was a little sick on her stomach that day (from a previous stomach bug, not alcohol, for the record…), so she kept her feet on the ground, but Christina and I climbed to the top for some extraordinary views. And wind! Good grief, it was windy!




As we began driving back towards our house, we had a list of places that Ina Garten frequented on her cooking show on the Food Network where she would buy different foods for her recipes. We planned to have a little Hahhhhhhhmpton’s bread, cheese, and snackies dinner, so at each place, we bought a little something to contribute to our dinner spread.

At Tate’s Bake Shop in Southhampton, we got a load of sour dough bread and each of us bought ourselves something for breakfast the next morning. Sarah got a croissant, Christina got a muffin, and I got a slice of banana bread. HOLY COW, THAT BANANA BREAD. Life changing, friends. Worth the trip for that banana bread. Goodness gracious.


At The Seafood Shop in Montauk, Christina bought a lobster roll that was delicious! It had crunchy onion in it, which I’ve never had in a lobster roll before. It was so crisp and fresh!


At Citarella in East Hampton, we treated ourselves to some peppercorn salami and four different kinds of cheeses, including this double cream brie that tasted like butter and heaven mixed together. I had it for breakfast the next morning, too! So good!


And at the Wolffer Estate winery, we picked up a few bottles of wine for the evening.


(Pretend there is a really great picture of the beautiful inside of the winery here.  I don’t have one because stupid Sarah kept putting her hand in front of my phone whenever I tried to take a picture. *eye roll* )


By the time we got home, we had put together quite a little smorgasbord. It was my favorite meal of the trip. I ate so much that still today – Monday! – I am not hungry yet.


And, of course, we drank more wine. And then, somewhere around our second or third glass, we got the great idea to climb our middle-aged, buzzed selves up into the loft. So, we camped out up there for a while doing more… what else… talking.



The next morning, we had the leftover bread and cheese. And also dark chocolate and Sun Chips. Friends don’t judge. Then, we packed our things up and headed out to lunch at a little cafe in Southhampton called “The Golden Pear.” It is a tiny little place and if you ever find yourself in there, be sure to order the lobster bisque. It was cold and windy that morning, and a big cup of soup hit the spot!


After lunch, we had about two hours to kill before we had to start the drive back to JFK, so we did what anyone would do with time to kill in the Hahhhhhhmptons. We stalked celebrities. It was so fun! I found a map of celebrity homes and we drove around to several of the closer ones. We visited our friends Brooke Shields, Tory Burch, and Kelly Ripa.

This is me standing in Kelly Ripa’s driveway, taking stalker creeping to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.


We left the Hamptons around 3:00 and made it to the airport in time for our evening flights home. I can’t tell you how refreshed and renewed I am after this weekend. Catching up with girlfriends is not something I do often, and especially with these two because we live so far from each other. But it only took three days to fill my love tank for another few years until we can do it again!


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