Sexy Notes & Snacks

Sexy Notes & Snacks


Sexy Love Note Tags to Get Your Spouse in the Mood!

We’ve had several requests from our readers to have printables for healthy treats… and we couldn’t agree more. So with these intimate note tags we’ve added a couple healthier snack options in addition to the super sweet and super sexy candy invitations for the bedroom. Don’t you just LOVE the anticipation sexy notes provide?! I love to get my husband anticipating what’s going to happen later on that day so he has something to look forward to all day and the flirty quotes on these tags are sure to do the trick.

Sexy Notes for Your Spouse #sexynotes #flirtyquotes

Diva Disclaimer

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Courtney from Paperelli helped us design some simple, sexy notes that are perfect for any treat you can think of. We love that she’s created beautiful black and white designs so that they’ll go with whatever candy, snack or treat you use!

Suggestive and Sexy Candy Note Ideas

Add Flirty Quotes to Create Sexy Candy Notes

Putting together a suggestive treat for your spouse couldn’t be any easier, just print out one of these tags with a flirty quote, attach it to a snack (if any of these are your spouse’s favorites, you might not even have to shop anywhere but the pantry) then pack it in your spouse’s gym bag, lunchbox before work, or leave it on the seat of their car. Add to the excitement in your marriage by creating anticipation for your bedroom activities in just these quick and easy steps!

Intimate Note Ideas


Our Favorite Sexy Notes

Grab a bag of sweet and salty pretzels and let our little sexy note do the talking. Your spouse will love the hint you’re giving…

Sexy Love Notes with Treats


Leave your sexy suggestion on the bed for an even less subtle clue. If you’re not crafty enough to attach the intimate note with cute baker’s twine, a simple clothespin does the trick in a pinch—so easy!

Sexy Notes to Leave with Treats and Snacks

And for a sexy snack that won’t make your spouse feel quite so gluttonous, try a protein-packed nut like almonds. Just grab a little string, punch a couple holes and you’ve got yourself a healthy, suggestive and sexy love note!

Healthy Snack and Sexy Love Note

OR give a really obvious hint at your plans for the night by leaving some sexy notes alongside a piece of lingerie!

Leave an Intimate Note with a Treat


Print 10 Flirty and Intimate Notes

Here’s the ultimate list of sexy treat tags we’ve included with some tips for snacks you might want to attach them to:

  • You are one hot piece of BEEF! – Beef Jerky, Beef Steak
  • Your sexy MUSCLES turn me on!Muscle Milk
  • Tonight let’s rediscover our MOJO!Mojo Clif Bars
  • Let’s make time to PULL N’ PEEL each other’s clothes off! – Twizzlers, Bananas, Oranges
  • Thinking of you makes me RED hot! – Red Hot Candy, Cinnamon Gum, or ANY Red Food or Candy!
  • Just thinking about you is making me NUTS! – Mixed Nuts, Almonds, Peanuts
  • Tonight I’m wearing something that’s going to make you do FLIPZ! – Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • I can’t wait to show you a few new COMBOS in the bedroom! Combo Snacks, ANY Combinations or Pairs of Snacks (Think: Peanut Butter & Carrots or Cheese & Nuts)
  • I have a feeling we’ll both SKOR tonight! – Skor Candy Bar
  • Let’s ROCK the bed tonight! Pop Rocks, Rock Candy

Sexy Love Notes & Fun Treats

Originally we had just five sexy treat tags to print, so we’ve updated our ideas and added even more goodies but if you reallllllly love the originals, you can still snag them below!

Sexy Notes and Snacks


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