Poems Psychological, Part 2

Source: Alan Levine, CC 2.0

Recently, I posted six of the 100 of my articles that are published on AllPoetry.com. In honor of National Poetry Month, here are seven more. I’ve selected those with practical but unconventional takeaways.

Dream Not

Too many have the same dream,
so open your eyes:
EYES CLOSED: “Do what you love; the money will follow!”
EYES OPEN: Poverty far more likely will follow.
EYES CLOSED: “Follow your passion!”
EYES OPEN: Poetry’s our passion. As you know,
poverty follows.
Closed-eyed poets put fingers in their ears at “Be realistic”
but those may be wiser words.
Open your eyes and ears.

Travel Not

In search, s/he was
shanghaied by Shanghai,
captured by Kathmandu,
banged in Bangkok,
greased in Greece,
frenched in France
touseled and tussled in Tuscany,
communized in Cuba,
accosted by and in Costa Rica,
Back in Jersey,
no clearer,
much poorer,
“I’m delighted to apply for the barista position.”

The Meaning of Life

It’s said to be unanswerable
but hubris makes me opine:
It’s maxing your heartbeats
that yield the most good
that others aren’t doing
or doing as well.
It can’t be that simple
but I’m not wise enough
to know why.

An Easy Smile

An easy smile is a most helpful talent.
Need you but spread your lips
and jobs,
and loans,
and friends,
and lovers,
are yours.
What a shallow species are we.

Couples, a haiku

Fat with fat, thin thin,
the winsome with the winsome.
How silly we choose.

The Upcoming Wedding

Marriage doesn’t fix, it spoils,
its chains breeding complacency.
Yet even when prenuptial spats portend worse,
the train once launched, is unstoppable,
with both tied to the tracks.
Yet marriage endures.
Might we need some irrationality?

Family is Overrated

You choose your friends.
Your family chooses you.
No choice.

You can dump bad friends.
You can’t dump bad family.
You’re stuck.

You think you can count on family.
Your family may not want you to.
You’re hurt.

You claim family is most important.
But deep down, you have doubts.
You should.

“I’m not running for re-election so I can spend more time with my family.”



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