Smart (and Cheap) Ways to Store More in Your Bedroom

There’s something so cozy about a small bedroom, but there’s also something pretty maddening about trying to figure out how to put all your stuff in one. And the fact that tiny bedrooms often come with tiny closets often makes things worse. What’s a cash-strapped small-space dweller to do? We’ve rounded up a few solutions that will make a little extra room for your stuff without breaking the bank.

No space for shelves in the bedroom? Why not turn your headboard into shelves? In Ashley’s San Francisco apartment, two bookcases form the headboard of the bed, a great way to add extra storage without taking up much space. And since the shelves are less accessible behind the bed, they are a prime spot for seasonal storage.

I’m a huge fan of IKEA’s Trones shoe storage boxes, which besides just holding shoes can also be used to add a little extra storage all around the house. In this image from IKEA, the boxes form a headboard — which makes it a storage spot that doesn’t take up much space at all. (As with the bookcase headboard, you’ll want to make sure that the things in the boxes directly behind the bed are ones you don’t need to access that often.)

As seen in this photo from IKEA, a shelf above the door can be used for extra storage boxes, or a place to keep seldom-worn shoes. Over-door hooks are great for holding bags and keeping sweaters and coats off the floor.

One thing I really love about wall-mounted shelves is their versatility, since you can add them in the space above other pieces of furniture, without taking up any floor space. Another great spot for shelves is above the bed, as seen here on Planete Deco. Not recommended for earthquake-prone areas, of course.

I’m a big fan of concealed storage, for its neat, minimal look. In this RV bedroom, cabinets mounted on the wall above the bed add extra storage and eliminate visual clutter. It also makes a nice cozy nook for sleeping.

If more closet space is what you need, try flanking the bed with wardrobes, like Josie and Jules did in their London flat. The shelf above the two wardrobes adds even more storage space.

Another great solution for hanging clothes is this one from My Scandinavian Home — adding a hanging bar above a dresser. The towel rail used as an accessory holder is also a good idea.

If it’s shoe storage that you’re looking for, try this DIY from IKEA, which involves adding wheels to a cabinet door for an under-bed rolling shoe shelf.

From Danielle’s Chicago apartment, this might be the simplest and least expensive idea of all: Add a stack of boxes under your nightstand for more storage. Just make sure they all match and it will seem less like clutter and more like a smart design statement.



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