This 400 Square Foot ‘Tiny House’ is My Dream Home

Here at Apartment Therapy, we write about tiny houses a whole lot. Sometimes, I find myself wondering if we’ve reached peak tiny house. Are these adorable little dwellings on wheels just glorified trailer homes? Are they destined for the pages of Craigslist in a few years, once the mania dies down? Or are they a reflection of a cultural shift in the way we look at our homes, where bigger isn’t always better?

Whether the tiny house movement turns out to be the beginning of a cultural revolution, or just a passing fad, I think it’s helped to spark a conversation about sustainability, and about how much house you really need. Is it possible to live well in 200 square feet? In 400? I thought about that when I saw this ‘tiny house’ from West Coast Homes, which is positively palatial when compared to most tiny homes but still, at 400 square feet, a lot smaller than the average American home. (In 2015, the average size of new houses built in the U.S. hit 2,687 square feet.)

Even if the typical tiny house, with its tiny loft bedroom reached by a tiny ladder, strikes you as a bit claustrophobic, you might still find something to love about the Salish, a 400-square-foot one-bedroom that’s amply provided with windows and outdoor space. The living room has tall ceilings and windows on three sides, and the kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator and a rolling island which can function as a dining table or worktop. (Dual-function pieces are key in limited square footage.) Beyond the kitchen, there’s a full bathroom and, a luxury unheard of in many other tiny houses, a full bedroom. There’s even a loft for children or overnight guests.

For this New Yorker, used to living in a 240-square-foot studio, it seems almost too big. (Ok, just kidding, it’s perfect.) 400 square feet doesn’t sound like a whole lot of room, but in this case, a clever floorplan and an attention to detail makes it feels very spacious, roomy enough for one or even for two people who like each other a lot. What do you think—could you see yourself living in a home of this size?

The Salish is built by West Coast Homes: you can see more photos of the home here, or check out all of the models they offer.



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