WOW Air Is Having a Sale That Will Have You Booking a Trip To Iceland in 5 Seconds

How many times have you seen an airfare sale and thought, “I am really just going to book this trip and wing it!” Probably at least 100 times.

I see a deal just about every other week and wish I could do this. The prices are always amazing and the destinations look beautiful. But the catch tends to be you either leave in 5 days or 10 months from now. Can’t there be a deal with a happy medium?

It seems, today is that day! Finally, an airfare sale that isn’t totally outrageous when it comes to when you can go on vacation.

If you’re interested in traveling to Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, London, and more, then WOW Air has the perfect deal for you.

A flight from Cincinnati, Ohio to Reykjavik is currently starting at $69. Same thing for flights leaving New York bound to Reykjavik! Their motto for the deal is “how low can we go” and honestly, I am wondering how they make money off of this deal!

Now, be warned, this isn’t $69 roundtrip – you do have to book a return flight. Even then, it is still a steal in terms of airfare. You’re going to want to book fast, as many flights are already selling out. You can travel in May, June, September, or October. This is a deal that works for being who like to plan ahead or plan last minute.

In order to get the cheapest airline ticket, you will have to join MyWOW, the company’s rewards program. If you book a WOW Basic flight, only one personal item will be included.

Like most airlines, the basic option charges you for your carry-on ($39) and checked baggage ($49). If you’re weighing the pros and cons when booking this cheap flight, you might want to opt for WOW Plus because carry-on and checked baggage are included.

If you are one of the brave folks who book trips when airfare deals are abuzz, I give you a lot of credit for it! I am always so envious.



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