These Tiny Houses Totally Reimagine How Pergolas Work Into Home Design

Is there anything worse than the sun in your eyes? Feeling the sunshine on your skin is amazing, but looking right into the burning gas star will make you want to claw your eyes out. Now, imagine living somewhere that no matter the curtains you bought, the sun just beamed right into your house and blinded you daily.

These tiny homes have come up with a workaround for that issue.

An Israeli-based architect has designed a tiny home that combats the glaring sun in Isareal. To beat the sun, they’ve added a pergola to the tiny home’s setup.

Typically, you can find a pergola in someone’s garden or backyard, to create a shaded walkway. My mom likes to plant flowers near hers, so they won’t dry out during the summer from the sun.

Instead of having the pergola detached, these tiny homes, located on the northern coast of Israel, have it attached to create a perfect barrier of shade. The tiny homes make up the Dor Holiday Bungalows.

The tiny homes are made of timber slats, feature open-air decks with private views of gardens, and even have a view of the sea in the distance.

The exterior design of these tiny homes is certainly what makes them stand out, but they also have a gorgeous interior with sliding glass doors and an abundance of natural light. In the backyard, there is a hot tub and there are even a shared pool and lounge space for homeowners.

For those interested in this uniquely styled tiny homes, they come in various sizes from studio to multi-bedroom units. The homes were built offsite on concrete slabs and shipped there to reduce the carbon footprint.

If you’re obsessed with tiny homes, but don’t think you can handle the limited space, you can always check out these 5 brilliant tips for organizing a tiny home that make it feel much larger than it really is.



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