This Shark Tank Bean Bag is Currently on Sale on Amazon

Do you remember begging your parents to let you get a bean bag as a kid? I told my mom I’d use it as a bed if she said yes. She didn’t, so I’ve envied every bean bag owner since then. Now, it looks like I don’t have to, thanks to my trusty shopping buddy (cough *bad influence* cough) Amazon.

If only I’d seen a commercial for CordaRoy’s as a child, I’d have had my mother convinced. This company makes bean bags that turn into beds! It is like they knew what we all really needed. They offer bean bags in corduroy, plush microsuede, faux cowhide, and chenille.

In 2013, Byron Young appeared on Shark Tank to ask for $200,000 and offered 20% equity of his company, CordaRoy’s. Shark Lori Greiner swooped is to offer – she wanted 60%. They settled on 58%. Just days after his episode aired in 2014, CordaRoy’s sold out of their convertible bean bags.

Nowadays, they’re crushing the bean bag market (yes, there is apparently a market). You can find CordaRoy’s on sale on QVC and in stores like Walmart and online at Amazon.

Currently, the beloved online retailer is showcasing the convertible bean bag as one of their weekend deals. You can snatch this product for up to 38% off.

Seriously! If you’re in the market for a comfy second bed for either you, your family, or guests spending the night, add this to your shopping cart ASAP.

The best part is you can wash and dry the bean bag covers, so they won’t ever get gross from overuse. They’re also pet-friendly, so you fur baby can sleep with you.

One happy shopper said:

We ordered our full-size CordaRoy to save our couch cushions from constantly becoming a jump pit. It has worked so well that we’re ready to order a second one. Our toddler loves it and we use it every day! Great product and high quality.

You can buy the CordaRoy’s bean bag bed on Amazon – get it while it is still on sale!



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