This Impressive 3D-Printed House Has the Most Extra Kitchen Ever

The feats accomplished with 3D printing just get more impressive by the minute. The latest mind-blowing project is this 3D-printed house which a portable robot built in 48 hours.

The intent behind 3D Housing 05 was to demonstrate how constructing something that has minimal construction waste and maximum aesthetic appeal can be done. According to a press release, the 3D Housing 05 project also “increases efficiencies during the building process and allows materials to be reused at the end of the building’s life, rather than ending up as landfill.”

Massimiliano Locatelli of CLS Architetti and Arup unveiled the 3D-printed house in the grand Piazza Cesare Beccaria during the Salone del Mobile design festival. At 1,076 square feet, the single-story dwelling is comprised of 35 modules that required 60-90 minutes of printing time each. The home also features curved walls, a living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

To pull off the speedy construction process, architects employed the help of a Cybe Construction mobile 3D concrete printer to complete the walls; the doors, window and roof were completed after the fact. The architects also utilized a specific kind of mortar that only requires a setting time of five minutes followed by a day-long dehydration period.

Guglielmo Carra, Europe Materials Consulting Lead at Arup, praised the project for showing the potential of 3D printing and highlighting a need to shift attitudes within the construction industry.

“We are at Salone del Mobile to build momentum,” Carra said. “We need to make a major shift in the way the construction industry operates, away from today’s ‘make, use, dispose’ mentality. We’ve shown with this building that 3D printing technology is now advanced enough to take on more complex structures, and design buildings to be repurposed or reused at the end of their life. This technology is critical to helping our industry become far more accurate, efficient and less wasteful.”

The project’s website also includes a source list for the interior items, broken down by room.



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