8 Ways to Turn Thrift Store Finds into Absolutely Amazing Art

If you’re on a tight budget, your artwork options are probably pretty limited. You can thumbtack an affordable print to your wall (which many others also own), try painting something yourself (great if you’ve got the time and the skills), OR you can transform common thrift store finds into something remarkable. Option C is easy to do, costs very little, and yields one-of-a-kind wall decor that sets your space apart. Here are some of the best ideas out there:

Jessica of House Homemade was inspired by all the amazing tapestries out in the world right now, but used an inexpensive thrifted blanket to create this textile art for her dining room. Dip dying it a muted grey-ish green adds another layer of interest.

You gotta love these embroidered kitchen strainers and colanders, shared on Design Sponge. Not only is this project a great way to reuse old kitchen items, but they make such interesting, sculptural decor, that’s also very kitchen appropriate.

Above, Jove’s dining room walls are covered in torn out pages from books—a staple in thrift stores and garage sales. Fun fact: The pages come from art books and are displayed in chronological order, so it starts on one side with primitive cave drawings and concludes with modern art.

We’ve all seen the bins of loose, mismatched flatware at Goodwill. Take a bunch of spoons home, dip them in paint, then mount in a pattern or grid on wall. A Joyful Riot hung these up in her dining room with a bunch of Command velcro strips. So colorful, and so very inexpensive.

Kate received the framed scarf above as a gift, but it’s still an inspirational idea for a future DIY project. Use a scarf you already own, or search for colorful silk scarves at a local thrift store (they are always around). Kate also adds goldleaf to old frames to kick them up a notch. Clever!

If you’re looking for new art and love a good DIY, you can buy a tacky painting for a couple of bucks, and paint over it, like this pretty floral still life on Honestly WTF). Repaint it using colors that feel more modern and fresh, and suit you style more. Low risk, high reward.

Start collecting hats whenever you see them, then hang them all together as a gallery collection. They especially look great when they are all made of the same material, like these straw ones perched on an organic branch.

If you should be so lucky as to find an old vintage bathing suit—or really any interesting object—we show you how to frame it to look amazing.

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