Boys & Girls Upbringing



Brain differences between men and women:

Sex-specific Learning

Women vs. Women



Study: Women Experience Less Stress After Husbands Die


Oxytocin proves lack of female Empathy


Dark Side of Oxytocin


Epiphany Phase



(dark triad)


(for abortion)

Societies where men can toss out the wife with little cost (few of these remain) have a very low divorce rate. Why? Because men put the well-being of children above their own, while women do not. Men tend to be responsible adults that way.

(settling for Beta)

(gender differences) agreeableness and humility in men associated = negative predictor of sex partners.


(Preference for Ovulatory Female’s Faces Associated with Men’s Testosterone) Hypergamy


Women & Opportunistic Love


Dread in women:


Women’s Physical Standards:

Plan B (for Preventive Medicine)


50% of women cheat


Homosexuality is not genetic:


(testosterone in women)



A widely held belief exists that women are more romantic and tend to fall in love faster than men. Responses from 172 college students indicated that although both men and women believe that women will fall in love and say “I love you” first in a relationship, men reported falling in love earlier and expressing it earlier than women reported. Analyses also showed no sex differences in attitudinal responses to items about love and romance. These results indicate that women may not be the greater “fools for love” that society assumes and are consistent with the notion that a pragmatic and cautious view of love has adaptive significance for women.

Alpha Widows


Women’s Anger:


Divorce Laws, Paternity and Economic Behaviors of Married Couples:

Wage Gap Myth / Marketing to Women:


Crime, Not a Crime

Robert Greene

Wealth Redistribution

Male Space


Decline In Sexual Frequency


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