Pinterest Was Obsessed with These House Tours Last Month

Bold colors mixed with energetic patterns. Small spaces smartly arranged. Apartment Therapy published some amazing house tours in April, as well as some tantalizing peeks of homes through house calls, which are submitted by readers (and yes, you can submit, too!). Choosing a favorite photo from a recent house tour is basically impossible, but the numbers don’t lie… these are the most pinned house tour photos from April. Don’t take my word for it; read some of the nice comments Apartment Therapy readers had to say about these homes.

littlezinnia had this to say: “THANK YOU for showcasing a house that actually feels like a home. Such a cozy and inviting place. Also, I love Violet’s rug.”

This was the second time we toured Lisa’s small studio, but reader Southmouth didn’t mind: “EEEErrrrmagad! The first tour of her place has been one of my favorites, and I’m still in love the second time around! Nicely done.”

There was a lot to love about this home, but KarenIA liked something in particular: “I love the paint color on the walls — so tired of gray and plain white. The cream is refreshing and upbeat.”

Grammy sue

wasn’t satisfied with the amount of photos we showed for this home:

“A totally charming home with just enough of everything. Show us more.”

“Absolutely gorgeous space. It creates an ambiance that is so calming and inviting” wrote reader Flyingkids.

Natasha Love

had love for this home, too!

“Omg, this home is amazing! Love all the wallpaper, it’s fantastic. Love the mid-century modern furniture, you put it all together perfectly. And those bay windows….they are really gorgeous. Love everything here, really done well. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful looking home.”

Two different Apartment Therapy readers used the word dream in their comments on this tour. Michael Andersen-Andrade said: “Exquisite. This is a dream home.” While vera jude said this: “This house is something out of a dream.”

Natasha Love had a lot to love about this home, writing: “I’m in awe of this place. I too am a lover of color and this is right up my ally. Love the wall colors, the tile in the kitchen and everything else in this super cheerful and beautiful home. This home is really amazing.”

Reader recyclist left this comment: “I usually do not take the time to comment. My response to your post was on my to do list for today. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! your home. I had a 1990’s flash back to Arrested Development’s song ” Tennessee” lyrics. “Take me to another place, take me home…..” You have created an abode woven and intertwined with intriguing patterns. This post is at the top of my list for favorites. 5+ stars.”

As reader Blubber writes: “What a great use of space. I love how each landing is fully-utilized. This place managed to cram so much into 2000 square feet, yet still feel open and spacious. Also, the detailing is utterly impeccable. Kudos!”

Have you seen the new landing page for house tours? You can search by both city AND style!



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