We’d Choo-Choo-Choose This Charming Tiny Caravan

Equal parts charming and eclectic is a most fitting description of this Old Time Caravan from father-son building duo Nick and Aaron Troisi, jointly known as The Unknown Craftsmen. The team constructed the tiny house caravan at the request of a former client who wanted an entirely self-sustaining space. The caravan’s distinct personality shines through in its design features, which include a curved roof, custom woodwork, and round windows.

Speaking of woodwork, the arboreal materials used in the caravan are undoubtedly among its standout elements. For instance, the residence features a live edge maple desk, a gorgeous storage staircase carved from mahogany and the kitchen countertop is made up of remnants of a dying apricot tree the builders sourced from the client’s backyard. Red painted pine makes up the exterior, along with a deck carved from wooden logs. According to Aaron, the custom woodwork represents an exploration of “the natural beauty of the organic world.”

The interior of the caravan also contains various creative examples of upcycled items, including the brass bucket that now serves as the kitchen sink and the theater light lenses which the duo used to create the caravan’s round windows.

To give the illusion of more space, the caravan has high ceilings. The builders also made creative use of the small space by adding a sleeping loft that can be accessed by a staircase, along with a comfy reading nook in the living area that contains a sofa, pillows, a wall-mounted shelf and a small window.

In response to the client’s wishes, the caravan is equipped to go completely off the grid. While the windows allow natural light to illuminate the space, the tiny home also features LED lighting.

For an up close look at the quaint Old Time Caravan, check it out in the video below.

h/t Tiny Living

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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