This Robot Dog Toy Wants to Help Your Pet’s Anxiety When You’re Busy

Do you have a pet that gets a little anxious whenever you leave home? You feel guilty leaving them behind when you go to work or to run errands, right? If only dogs understood us when we told them we’d be home again. Until there is technology invented that lets us talk to our pets, you can try this robot dog toy.

My 8-pound Yorkie would go everywhere with me if I let him, even though he hates going in the car. He likes being with me more than he hates the motion sickness.

He doesn’t have terrible separation anxiety, but some dogs really struggle with it. There are quite a few signs if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Some dogs will become agitated when their owner prepares to leave the house, while other dogs will appear depressed. When an owner leaves, a dog with severe separation anxiety might destroy the house (in an attempt to escape and find their owner), urinate, and/or bark incessantly.

One way to combat this anxiety is to buy your dog the Wickedbone. The bone isn’t just a toy however, it is a way to keep your dog stimulated, so they don’t actually realize how long you’ve been gone.

We know how it is. Busy days at work and commuting make you feel tired and frustrated… now think about how they make your dog feel… Home alone, bored and frustrated, with nothing else to do but sleep, eat and wait around all day until you come back, late, extra tired, and not with the stamina to give your furry friend the exercise, fun and attention that she needs and deserves…

The toy has many key features, it is interactive, has emotional support, it is FDA approved, you can get an app on your phone, is it easy to clean, has a long battery life, and it can be customized!

The most interesting part about this dog toy, besides the fact it can distract your dog from realizing you’re gone, is how the emotional system works. The toy has a range of emotions that it tracks from bored, content, startled, going crazy, tickled, upset, and more.

You can back the Wickedbone on Kickstarter, where there are a variety of pledges you can choose from with different rewards.



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