This is the Most Popular Spot for Outside-the-Bedroom Sex

They say that the only things that should happen in the bedroom are sleep and sex, but ask anyone who’s fallen victim to a mid-afternoon nap on the sofa, and you’ll hear that sleep and sex are both great outside the boudoir, too.

After all, the heart wants what it wants. And sometimes, it can’t wait.

In order to discover exactly where this outside-the-bedroom sex is most likely to happen—this is maybe the sexiest “keeping up with the Joneses”-style study I’ve ever seen—the folks at House Method decided to survey more than 1,000 people currently living with a significant other to ask which bedroom alternatives they’ve personally explored.

The Most Popular Spot for Sex (Outside the Bedroom)

An overwhelming majority of the cohabiting cohorts—96.6 percent, aka almost everyone—said they’d gotten busy in the living room or family room before. That means sofa sex is more popular than bathroom counter sex and kitchen counter sex (82.8 percent have done it in the bathroom, and 57.5 percent in the kitchen).

The least popular spot? The front yard, with only 8 percent of respondents admitting to joining the lawn lay club. (In other news, something like 92 percent of readers are very thankful for their neighbors right now.)

Is Outside-the-Bedroom Sex Better Sex?

House Method asked a few follow-up questions to suss out a few curious correlations from people’s get-busy habits.

People who had sex outside the bedroom tended to have more sex. The bed-only couples reported having sex an average of 5.8 times per month, while the locationally-adventurous group reported a more frequent average of 10.9 days per month.

Outside-the-bedroom couples were also generally more satisfied with the state of their partnership. The bed-only couples reported an 84.4 percent relationship satisfaction score and 62.2 percent sex-life satisfaction score; the all-over-the-house team scored their satisfaction a bit higher—93.8 percent and 86.6 percent respectively.

Wait… Don’t You People Have Kids?

Well, yes. Some of the survey respondents said they were parents, and that did affect the results a bit. While the living room is the overall most popular spot for sex outside the bedroom, when you compare parents vs. non-parents, parents are more likely to get busy in more private spots like the bathroom, guest bedroom or home office.

You can check out more results from the study from House Method.



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