Guess How Many Crystals Are In Zachary Quinto’s New York Apartment

Thrust into the national spotlight via Heroes and the Star Trek film reboots, you wouldn’t necessarily begrudge Zachary Quinto some otherworldly accessories. But it’s his boyfriend, actor and painter Miles McMillan, who is primarily responsible for the abundance of crystals around their NoHo apartment.

The couple recently invited Architectural Digest over for a tour of their 2,250-square-foot, two bedroom home, and it became abundantly clear that we shouldn’t be fooled by the rocks that they got. An accompanying video tallies up all the gems around the place, and the grand total comes to over 55 of them.

“Miles is a crystal fiend,” Zachary says in the video. There are a bunch around the TV—and for a specific reason. “Clusters of crystals are good to absorb electronic energy,” he continues. Though Miles adds, “My brother-in-law, who’s an electrician, says ‘that’s not a thing.'” Clearly, a dissenting opinion hasn’t stopped them.

“I forget how it started. I was just drawn to their beauty and energy as objects, but also as tools,” Miles says. Friends and family now gift them to the pair, and Zachary carries a few with him. “I love that it’s not just about having the collection in the house, it’s about what they mean and how they can benefit him and us.”

The open floor plan space was the first property they looked at together three years ago and instantly fell in love with it (they saw many others but kept coming back to this one). “I think that openness will always be a hallmark of whatever home we have together, whether it’s in New York, L.A., or a different environment,” Quinto tells AD. “The open-floor-plan kitchen into the dining and living rooms is something we really love. It doesn’t matter where people are, they’re still able to relate to each other and connect.”

Check out more of Zachary and Miles’ place over on Architectural Digest.


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