These Bedrooms are the Next Best Thing to Sleeping Outside

Sleeping under the stars is one of those things that sounds lovely and romantic, but doesn’t quite live up to the hype. There’s dirt! There are bugs! There’s strange howling! But if you want to embrace the outdoors and still sleep bug-free, there’s a way you can have the best of both worlds: Make your space indoor/outdoor (via a giant wall of windows). Open it up during the day to blur the lines between indoors and out, and close it at night for a little privacy and insect prevention. Here’s some inspiration.

Above: The master bedroom of this home by Amber Interiors opens to a private courtyard. Imagine waking up here, early on a sunny Saturday, the room flooded with light. Dreamy.

In this design by Matt Gibson, the bedroom walls are almost immaterial, with panes of glass that slide into pockets in the wall and then disappear from view. In is out, out is in. Of course this home is in Australia, where gorgeous indoor/outdoor spaces are a given.

This is the home of designer Tia Cibani, who gets to wake up every morning to this view. What’s more remarkable than the view, though, is that this house is in Chelsea, in the very heart of New York City. To see more, and be consumed by jealousy, check out the full tour at The Cut.

This tropical Hawaiian bedroom (on Airbnb) is paradise. We love how they kept the palette natural, to complement the jungle-y surroundings. It’s a treehouse, so it’s still a bit primitive, but the interior decor is anything but.

This tranquil space is part of a remodel of a classic Eichler house, by Klopf Architecture. Not only is the home historically significant, but the indoors and outdoors are one via a wall of glass and sliding glass door. Note how the ceiling and supporting beams continue uninterrupted from inside to outside, which helps to establish a seamless connection.

From Homes to Love, here’s another bedroom (in Florida’s Palm Beach) with a sliding glass pocket door that opens to the outside. Indoors, outdoors, it hardly matters—your bedroom can be a part of nature, when you want it to be, but also, when you wish, a blissful bug-free haven. It’s the best of all possible worlds.



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