This Hardworking Material Looks Just as Good In Your Home as It Does on Your Tush

If I asked you to imagine something made of denim, I’m guessing you’d probably think of a pair of pants—not a couch. Over the years, this distinctive blue canvas material has become almost synonymous with blue jeans. The idea of using denim in interior decor may seem a bit strange to you—I thought so too, until I saw this striking sofa in actress Denise Vasi’s Los Angeles home and began to wonder: what if?

Not a lot in interior design is truly new, but the idea of using denim as upholstery is, at least to me, pretty novel. Of course, if you’re not careful, it can read a little cheesy country-chic, but we are spotting interiors in which denim (or chambray) feels like just the right choice, adding simultaneously a bit of texture and a relaxed, California-cool vibe.

Denise Vasi’s denim sofa (above) is a nice complement to her home’s industrial bones. The different washes and seams give it an air of the unexpected. You can see the full house tour at MyDomaine.

Myquillyn from Nesting Place has a denim sofa in a more traditional style, played up by the rustic artwork. I believe this is an IKEA Ektorp, which was once offered in a denim slipcover (although it doesn’t appear to be any longer).

From Alcro, here’s a beautifully rumpled bed with chambray pillows. This is a great way to infused a modern bedroom with effortlessly chic style.

A denim sofa gives this living room from Pencil Shavings Studio an interesting pop of texture—and makes the otherwise polished room feel worn in and cozy. I like the contrast with the lucite table, which is a material we often think of as very fancy.

Here’s another view of Myquillyn’s denim Ektorp (from Nesting Place), paired with a hide lumbar pillow. Denim is one of those materials that tends to look even better with age, which makes it a perfect candidate for sofa upholstery, which is definitely going to take a little bit of a beating.

In this design from Amber Interiors, a formal tufted silhouette gets an unexpected update with tight denim upholstery. It allows the traditional sofa to fit perfectly into the home’s casual, cool design scheme.

I originally thought this sofa from VT Wonen was denim, but if you look closely it’s actually covered in blue leather. Nevertheless, I love the idea of a denim sofa in this particular shape and with exposed seams like this. Also, the throw hanging on the back of the sofa? Definitely denim.

What do you think? Do you love the idea of using denim in your home? Or will you save the material for casual Fridays?



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