Living that Orlando Life

On Friday, I took the day off to be a chaperone on Gracie’s class field trip to Sea World.  It was such a fun day with her!  I love getting to see her in school because it’s a whole life she has made completely for herself.  It is separate and distinct from our family and I could watch her in the happy little world she has made for herself.







Then, on Saturday, Chris and the kids took me to Animal Kingdom at Disney for an early Mother’s Day treat. We had such a fun time! If you’ve never been to Animal Kingdom, add it to your list! It is so different from the other Disney parks. It is like visiting a really awesome zoo. I’m not a big roller coaster fan, so Animal Kingdom works great for me because there aren’t as many rides as in the other parks.




Our family has been on the go for the past few months more than normal. We have had visitors and state tests and end of year events and job transitions and ClassMax changes… and the list goes on. It was nice to take just a few days to stop the end of year crazy and spend some time together as a family.




Tomorrow is Monday and life will go back to normal. We have a busy schedule this week that kicks off bright and early in the morning. And because we had this little break from reality for a few days, we will be happy to be back in the thick of it as we wrap up another great year of school.

Hang in there, everyone. May is almost over!


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