Madame President

So, tonight I was elected as the PTA president at my kids’ school for next year.  You can all call me Madame President from now on.


Here’s what I like to do in my life.  I like to take the things that drive me the most insane, the things I complain the most about, the things I wish I wasn’t doing the most and I like to become in charge of them.  *eye roll* I can’t explain it. It’s just a thing I do. I think it’s a form of self punishment for all the complaining I do.

“Oh, yeah?  You don’t like that?  WELL, NOW YOU HAVE TO LEAD IT!”  

I irritate myself.  


Anyway, while I was being elected to my throne, Chris was on kid duty at tennis.  We are down a car this week, so we have been attempting to share my van. I’m actually impressed with how smoothly it is going.  I kind of like it, actually. Chris drops me off on his way to take the kids to school in the morning and then I walk home from school at the end of my work day.  He meets me at the house later with the kids that he has picked up from aftercare and we head off to whatever after-school events are on our calendar.

Come to think of it, maybe I like it so much because I’m not responsible for shuffling anyone around this week.  It’s kind of nice to be chauffeured for once instead of being the driver all the time.

Maybe it’s a perk of being Presidential now.  I could get used to this!

Anyway, the kids are wrapping up their tennis lessons next week and it reminded me about end of the year gifts.  I don’t normally give gifts to coaches and teachers at the end of the year.  I do give a nice card from our whole family, though, thanking them for their time and commitment to our children.  But when I sat down to write the card for our tennis coaches, I realized that’s really pretty lame. Who wants a card when you could have booze? So, I attached their cards to bottles of wine and felt better about my life choices.  

I wonder if PTA presidents get cards and bottles of booze?  I should have looked into this further before I took the position…


Madame President


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