Before & After: This Bedroom Goes Even More Boho

This bedroom was already cute, cozy, and charming, but its owner came up with an affordable, renter-friendly way to upgrade the space—and the results are tropically fantastic.

Laura B of Thrifted Bohemian transformed this bedroom into a vibrant oasis with a little help from peel-and-stick wallpaper that goes with the bed perfectly. The pattern chosen packs a lot of punch, but the fact that Laura limited it to one wall means it’s not overwhelming (though I would not be opposed to seeing an entire room done in this paper). The wallpaper and cushions pop against the new white bedspread and pillows. As much as I like this configuration, Laura could push things further in the future by adding a complementary tropical duvet.

I had been doing some research for a while on wall stickers/decal/removable wallpaper that would be renter friendly; meaning we wouldn’t have to use a paint scraper at the end of our lease to remove the mural. My biggest issue was cost. Being a stay-at-home mum I didn’t have the disposable income to throw at a wall when most weeks I have to budget the petrol. This particular company, Coloray Decor approached me for a collaboration after they saw my multiple comments of admiration on a previous customer’s makeover.

This shot shows the rug and basket, which add more texture and color to the room. I think the room has a lot of personality, but Laura found it to be “bare” and “stark”:

We are renters, so before, the walls were mostly bare. We had put up a shelf to fill in the large sparse area above the head of our bead. We are seasoned renters who could give any professional renderer a run for their money. With a few thumbtacks holding up posters of color and texture, I was just trying to fill space with whatever would make the room a little less stark.

I love a process shot that shows the reality of (most) home improvement projects: standing precariously on furniture in a jumble of your possessions, just doing your best! Fortunately, it sounds like the wallpaper itself was a dream to work with:

The most time consuming part of the process was actually picking the wallpaper design as there was so many themes and patterns to chose. I have a top three I’ll hopefully one day be able to hang in a my home.

To measure out the wall, Coloray provided me with a template that helped me section off my wall into segments making the pattern application constant.

The cost of the wallpaper was thankfully and humbly discounted for me as part of our collaboration on Instagram. I received a percentage off the total cost bringing the total outlay for the project $113. Included in that was $25 postage.

Once the wallpaper arrived, I rolled out the sections to make sure I had them in order and just lined them up on the wall! The installation instructions suggested two people to complete the process, but having recently moved away from friends and family, hubby working 14 hour days, and my toddlers only really learning to climb in and out of the car by themselves it was left to me.

Surprisingly however, the peel-and-stick feature of the wallpaper meant that even when I placed it slightly askew, it easily lifted back up to be readjusted. Of course it would have been easier with two people and maybe even an electronic level to be super precise with those edges, but even with two babies screaming at me, having no help, and even stopping for a wine break, I managed to get it all done in just a few hours.

While, as mentioned, the new paper is only on one wall, the large mirrors amplify it in a pleasing way—it’s like twice the wallpaper for no extra cost!

That pillow is so adorable, and it highlights that Laura hasn’t limited the room’s aesthetic to a tropical vibe. This allows for decorating flexibility and freedom as time passes. The results look great, but the process could have been improved just the slightest:

It was honestly so fun and easy and dealing with Coloray was a pleasure. I’d happily be their in house wallpaper installer just as long as I got my wine break.

If I were to do another wall however I think I’d get the expertise help from my pedantic, gadget-obsessed electrical engineer husband to line up the edges and be that third hand to line up the bottom of the wallpaper as I fixed the top of the sticker to the roof crease.

This is some impressive power clashing! The room looks fabulous, and Laura looks right at home in it—and feels that way, too:

I love how the walls have now transformed this bedroom into a cozy oasis. I love lighting some candles and laying under the forest canopy. I feel more relaxed in the room too because even though the wall is more “busy,” I’ve compromised by having no other decor on the walls. For now, I think I will leave the shelf off and the little posters and just enjoy my hard work and greenery.

What a lovely sentiment!

Thank you, Laura!



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