Before and After: A Sad ’70s Kitchen Gets a Modern Remodel

After living in Brooklyn for awhile, architect Niraya and civil engineer Humberto wanted to bring that “loft” style to Miami, where they currently live. After hunting for a townhouse to buy, they found this home, which was actually used as the manager’s quarters of a Marriott Hotel in the ’70s and ’80s. And boy did it look like it was still in the ’70s and ’80s.

(Image credit: Josh Garcia )

“It took us 21 months of nonstop DIYs and living in a construction site (with an open scaffold in the middle of the entryway for four months!), but now we love every corner of our home.”

(Image credit: Josh Garcia )

While the entire home got renovated, the kitchen’s redo was especially important to the couple: “Every space is designed to our needs and after all the work we can see how it flows almost perfectly and flawlessly. We love to entertain in our outdoor dining space; we love our huge couch, great for many people playing board games or comfortable for sleeping two guests (especially when the Puerto Rican family comes and visit). We spend a lot of time in the kitchen like Latinos that we are, cooking or just hanging out. The kitchen area is a big part of our culture.”

And if you think this is a super expensive remodel, think again! The kitchen is IKEA. The white cabinet doors are the Veddinge Doors and there are also Blankett Handles.

(Image credit: Josh Garcia )

See all of this amazing remodel in Niraya and Humberto’s full house tour.

Thank you Niraya and Humberto!



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