7 Clever Things That Make Moving So Much Easier

Moving can be one of the more hectic parts finding a new place. Boxes end up being filled with who knows what, and they’re supposed to go who knows where. But don’t get scared just yet! With a few nifty helpers, moving day magically transforms into a much less daunting task. To help get you started, these seven finds will make the big day go a little smoother. Happy moving!

If you only have a few good knives you’re obsessed with and no knife block, consider getting plastic knife sleeves for moving day. Their sleek design won’t take up room when you pack them away, so you don’t have to worry about triple wrapping them. As an added bonus, they also quell your anxiety about accidentally cutting or stabbing yourself while unpacking.

Would much rather prefer to have your wine glasses arrive as glassware and not glass shards? Put ’em in a wine carrier box. Each glass gets its own compartment, keeping it protected during the move (you can always add more padding for extra peace of mind). Find the boxes for free at a local liquor store (or avoid human contact and order dividers online.)

Newspapers are the best way to wrap all of your fragile belongings, but it can be annoying if the print transfers onto your things. Eliminate those extra hours scrubbing everything clean (especially if you’re moving to a space without a dishwasher) and pick up some blank newsprint paper.

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Rental Boxes: Various prices

Cardboard boxes can be a pain on moving day—they’re unsteady, require tape to seal shut and aren’t water-resistant. Save yourself some stress (and some tape) by using reusable boxes from a rental company in your area. There’s Zippgo in San Francisco, Redi-Box in Chicago and Portland, BoxUp in New York, and Leafy in Los Angeles, to name a few. The extra-sturdy boxes come with convenient flip-top lid and actually cost as much (or even less!) than their cardboard counterparts. As an added bonus, they go back to the company, meaning you’re not stuck with a pile of cardboard boxes when all is said and done.

Sortly: Free, or $4.99/month for pro

Does just the thought of moving have you wishing for a professional organizer? Enter Sortly, an app that creates a visual inventory of your belongings complete with photos, notes, and prices in case of any damage. It also allows you to create QR labels to make keep tracking of everything extremely simple.

Give your writing hand a break by skipping the permanent black marker and using a color coding system. The neon colors on these rolls are bright and easy to see as you start organizing your boxes, saving you time in the long run. Just make sure to create a key so you don’t forget which color means which room.

Squishy tubes and delicate glass only mean one thing on moving day: a huge mess. Keep your cosmetics intact with this handy makeup trunk. It has compartments for every item you own (and then some!)

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