You Need to Know About This New Popular Instagram Design Trend

This Instagram trend is stacking up, yes pun intended, absolutely. It seems that everyone, everywhere, is suddenly piling things on top of things in artful ways and influencing this year’s design and decor in the process. And we want to hear your thoughts.

Man Repeller’s Edith Young recently called these horizontal happenings “the design trend of 2018”, but be warned, you might staring at them like you would a teetering tower of Jenga, ready to save them if they topple over.

Calling it the next big thing in home decor after maximalist marble, and citing original sources for the trend such as designer/author Ashley Hicks and Apartamento Magazine publisher Omar Sosa, Young provides a solid argument for the trend along with an assortment of Instagrammed evidence.

Young writes:

I’d argue this still-life composition is a kind of vertical elaboration on freakebana, but in this iteration, the only way to go is up. You’ll see it in Architectural Digest, sure, but you’ll also see it in the Nevada Desert and while you’re shopping for a housewarming present… Through the lens of Instagram, the inclination to stack is also permeating the art world—in measures equal parts cozy and lanky.

Almost like artistic Jenga, these stacks and towers and “totems” defy gravity to play with vertical space in a way that’s not unique but is intentionally unsettling.

The iterations of lamps, like those from Jamie Julien Brown, and other home decor pieces are intriguing, in particular—with examples that are, of course, at home in maximalist design but also could be incorporated into a beach cottage garden to twist the preppy taste around, or to provoke conversation without being too visually provocative in a more traditional home.

Some intrepid restaurants, bloggers, and magazines are even taking the trend into food styling. And one Canadian artist on Etsy (above) is making adorable magnetic toy versions for trendy tots. Safety warden likes magnets!



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