Why You Should Keep an Egg Cup on Your Bathroom Counter

If you aren’t already hip to the organizing potential of an egg cup—you know, those fancy little vessels designed to hold a single egg—now’s the time to smarten up. Believe it or not, those compact egg-serving cuties actually offer up some serious storage opportunity, especially for your bathroom counter. Best of all—they’re easy to score for cheap at thrift stores, or maybe just borrow from your grandma’s personal collection.

Still not convinced? Read ahead for a handful of reasons why an egg cup might be the answer to all of your bathroom counter storage problems.

It’s the absolute perfect size to stash a beauty blender

Nothing’s better than a good old-fashioned makeup storage hack, and this one definitely reigns supreme. Despite their seemingly awkward shape, beauty blenders can fit perfectly into an egg cup on your bathroom counter—making them easy to locate and to keep separate from other dirty brushes and applicators.

They’re great for storing worn-down makeup pencils

If you’re anything like us, you’re likely hanging on to at least three worn-down eyeliner pencils you can’t let go of. So instead of wasting time searching for all your insanely short makeup pencils, consider stashing them stylishly inside of a single egg cup. You’ll never lose track of them no matter how tiny they get, and more importantly, you won’t look like a makeup hoarder.

They can be used to corral small items like bobby pins

Keeping track of lots of super small items in your bathroom is never easy. That’s why egg cups are so great for corralling tiny accessories—think: bobby pins, hair ties, and clips—that can often get lost in all your bathroom countertop chaos. Use one (or five) to store your hair stuff smartly and in style.

It’s the perfect spot for stashing perfume samples

Perfume samples: Can’t live without ’em, but can’t ever seem to find the right place to store them either. That is, unless you have an egg cup on your bathroom counter. Just one egg cup has the room to hold around five mini-sprays, so feel free to stock up on samples next time you’re at Sephora.

Our Favorite Egg Cups

They’re easy to find secondhand at thrift stores (or maybe even within your own family’s stock of dust-collectors). But if your style is less antique store and more “add to cart,” here are some solid picks:

A Messy Makeup Drawer Gets a Speedy Makeover.

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