Costco’s Newest Summer Food Item Is Surprisingly Healthy – and It Only Costs $5

Costco has some of the best food around. From their rotisserie chicken to their pre-seasoned salmon, to their ice cream and hot dogs, their frozen food selection, and so much more, they’ve got a great setup. You can spend your entire day taste testing food in Costco and be happy. Now the chain is jumping right onto the healthy bandwagon.

Chances are, you’ve heard of acai bowls. It is 2018 after all. It seems like everyone on a health kick has an acai bowl for lunch every week, especially during the summer months. If you’ve never tried an acai bowl before, it is a Brazilian dish that is made up of frozen and mashed acai palm fruit. You can get it in a bowl or a smoothie and it is typically topped with more fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, etc.) and granola.

Costco introduced acai bowls to their food court lineup in California, Oregon, and Hawaii, but the rest of the country sadly seemed to be missing out on it. Well, that has changed! Costco plans to offer the healthy food option at all of its stores by the end of June 2018. Just in time for summer!

We’re so happy to see Costco heard fan demands and decided to roll out these bowls to all of their stores. But the best part about this is the cheap cost of the acai bowls. Typically, you can spend $10 or more on an acai bowl at a trendy shop. Costco is the king of deals and the retailer is offering the bowl at just $5.

If you work near a Costco, this will certainly be your new lunch spot. It looks like Costco’s acai bowls are the typical purple frozen fruit, garnished with blueberries, strawberries, granola, and Kirkland’s banana chips.

Do you plan on trying out Costco’s acai bowls in June?

H/T: Delish



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