A Small, Sunny Florida Rental Has the Best Blush Pink Sofa — House Call

Name: Tiffany Williams
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Size: 689 square feet
Years lived in: 7 months, renting

“Currently I reside by myself in a one-bedroom dwelling on the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida,” writes Tiffany Williams. “I relocated to this area for work and I wanted to create a space that I felt comfortable in as well as something that was pleasing to the eye. My home is filled with my day-to-day essentials, small trinkets from travels, and plenty of funky art pieces that spoke to my heart. Although small, I created a space that’s open and refreshing without too much clutter but also textured, vibrant and satisfying. I’ve used many mixed metals; I didn’t want to settle with a particular metal so I have a variation of gold, rose gold, copper, and silver through the space.”

What is your favorite room and why? My favorite room is definitely the living room. I mostly admire how the windows bring in so much natural sunlight and it’s always a beauty to note the color changes in my couch from a caramel color to a subtle pink color depending on how the light hits it. I spend the majority of the time in the living area; mostly at the dining table where I’m able to study or indulge in a meal.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) My “artsy nook” is where some of the latest items I purchased for my home are. This houses my wall gallery/art images. I’ve mainly used Society6 as a medium to obtain and source the art that I desire for my space. I also have some vintage art pieces from 1996 that were initially purchased by my mother and have subsequently been passed down to me.

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: Comfy, Eclectic, Vibrant, Refreshing, and Sleek

Any advice for creating a home you love? I always recommend that people find inspiration through external sources but ultimately always internally have an appreciation for your space and the items you purchase for it.

I believe creating a home you love is not objective at all. You have the ability to be as subjective as you like. It’s ultimately your interpretation of “living” the way you desire.

Thanks, Tiffany! You can see more of her home on her website.

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