This Cat Tree Has Over 2,700 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and It Isn’t an Eyesore

There is a tough choice that cat owners have when it comes to decorating their space but also making it livable for their pet. Cats will claim every inch of space in your home as their own. But, you do want to give them a space that is just theirs, so you can have the couch to yourself every once and awhile!

One of the best ways to do this is to buy a cat tree. If you’ve spent months cultivating the perfect modern, farmhouse, or traditional home, you might not want to add a cat tree because it’ll throw off your look. We get it, cat trees don’t exactly fit in with many decor themes! However, this cat tree has thousands of 5-star reviews and it actually isn’t an eyesore!

If you’re not looking to shell out over $100 on a cat tree, but you also don’t want something that is horrible quality, Amazon is always a good place to start looking around. When searching Amazon, the best thing to do is look at reviews before you buy something. You can find something that looks like a steal when it comes to the price, but there is a reason that it being sold so cheaply.

This Go Pet Club 62″ Cat Tree Condo has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and over 2,700 of those reviews were given the full five stars.

One mom left this 5-star review:

It’s well made and my 9 year old son and I had a good time putting it together as a bonding activity. He likes to build, so this was perfect, and he LOVES cats. We just adopted an adult cat and wanted something special for the cat to feel safe and be up and away from our other pets as he acclimated. This is sturdy as it sits on carpet in our son’s room, in front of the window so the new cat can look out.

It’s been almost a month since our new cat has been here and he sleeps in the bowl-hammock like perch, and eats his food that we place on the very top. He uses this EVERYDAY and ALL THE TIME.

You can find this cat tree on Amazon. The price ranges between $69.99 and $82.87, depending on the color that you select.



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