You’re Going to Want to Stock Your Entire Bathroom With the New Disney x Target Collection

No matter how old you are, it is always okay to love Mickey Mouse. He is the symbol of all things Disney and he is like a link directly back to your childhood. Maybe you even just posed for a photo with Mickey in Disney World or Disneyland when you went recently.

Because Disney is so expansive, between TV shows, movies, franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and more, it is easy to find Disney merchandise anywhere. You can buy Frozen TV shirts online, in stores, and literally even in gas stations in some places. Now, you can get even more Disney products in Target. As if you need any other excuse to go shopping a Target!

The retailer just launched a Disney x Target bath and beauty collection and it is a total steal. The collection has lipstick, chapsticks, bath bombs, a loofah, hand lotions, and more!

The collab includes products from some big names, like L’Oreal and Lip Smackers, as well as lesser-known brands, like Junk Food. The collection was put together in celebration of Mickey Mouse’s birth – which is why the mouse is on every product! Mickey Mouse turns 90 in November.

If you’re interested in purchasing anything in the collection, every individual item is under $8, with many under $5. You can buy everything in the Disney x Target collection for under $50! You can find everything for sale online and in stores.

Which of these products do you plan on buying first? The bath bomb and loofah are too cute!

Think you’re a huge Disney fan? You might have a hard time competing with this homeowner who’s entire house is decked out in Mickey Mouse and other Disney memorabilia. If you’ve already bought out the Disney x Target collection, you can also check out the home store that Disney launched.

H/T: Bustle



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