Move Over Two-Color Tuxedo Kitchens: A Big New Trend is Here

As we recently wrote, tuxedo kitchen cabinets (painting the top and bottom cabinets different hues) are the best of two worlds, adding color in an interesting way, without going too crazy. But here’s a wonderful added twist on painted cabinets we’re seeing lately: two-color kitchens that leave one (or more) sections as unpainted or stained wood. What was two-dimensional is now three-dimensional, and that third dimension is all about wonderful warmth and character.

In this modern farmhouse design from Design 4 Corners, the paneled pantry on the far right is a major statement, in an otherwise classic soft blue and white kitchen. The wood material breaks up all those cool tones, and becomes a nice spot for your eye to land on.

Rue Magazine shared this recently renovated 1976 California bungalow. In this case, they kept the old floor-to-ceiling wood pantry that was there before. The little bit of wood gives the freshly redone space an already-lived-in look that blends old and new. (Also lead image above).

In this Plain English kitchen, the island is black, the cabinets are a dark orange, and wood makes an appearance in the form of both closed and open storage. Here it feels like a fresh and very custom detail.

This Humphrey Munson kitchen distributes the white, dark gray, and wood across the room, alternating materials and striking a nice balance. The wood grain is welcome texture next to the relative flatness of the painted sections.

This Brazilian apartment has a decidedly more modern look, but the concept is the same. It pairs white and pink cabinets with blond wood on both the wall and island. The three combined harmonize nicely and no one element overpowers the others. It feels like the perfect blend of color, warmth, and fun.

This modern kitchen, designed by Claire Zinnecker, uses color sparingly: Just on the inside of the island, which gives the space some nice depth. It’s a less color-blocked look, but the thin layers of warm wood, on the island and open shelving, pairs really nicely with the crisp black island and bright white lower cabinets.

This São Paulo apartment from Vitrô Arquitetura flips the white and black, but also incorporates strips of wood for a little bit of warmth (which also looks great with the brick wall backsplash) and breaks up all the paint.



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