We’re Totally Obsessed With This New IKEA Hack That Has a Feminist Twist

We all love IKEA for its simple, Scandinavian design and reasonable prices, but that versatility and affordability often makes decorating your home painfully ubiquitous. Instead of unearthing a one-of-a-kind piece—and feeling like a total design pro—you end up with the same furniture as your coworker, best friend, old college roommate, and your favorite influencers. Ugh.

But just because you (rightfully) love IKEA doesn’t mean your space needs to fall into basic territory. A company called Norse Interiors is making replacement parts for Ikea’s popular Bestå line—with a feminist twist—and we are obsessed.

The idea came to Swedish founder Lotta Lundaas when she moved to the United States in 2013 and, like many of us, became frustrated by the lack of affordable, original furniture.

“I realized there was an opportunity to work with American factories and bring timeless, Scandinavian design to the furniture market at a reasonable price point,” Lundaas wrote on Norse’s website.

Fast forward a few years, and the New York-based brand uses American materials and manufacturers to take your Bestå frame to the next level.

Right now, Norse has seven storage cabinet doors, seven TV stand doors, two sets of legs, eight types of knobs and pulls, as well as side and top placements to help you customize your IKEA piece.

Not only do the door replacements marry American craftsmanship with sleek Scandinavian design, each style is available in seven gorgeous color ways. Norse claims it can create over 1,000 unique stands and cabinets with IKEA’s Bestå frame, so the design options are virtually endless.

Best of all, Lundaas named each style after powerful pioneering women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Frida Kahlo, and Rosa Parks. A genius design hack with a badass, feminist twist? Um, yes please.

Another thing we can totally get behind is the price point. The Brass Knob Elisabeth is $8, while the storage cabinet doors cost less than $280. When you consider each Bestå frame is under $100, you’re getting a cool, custom piece of furniture for a steal.

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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