Banish This From Your Bathroom Counters Right Now

We all have little loose items clogging up our countertops, whether it’s makeup, grooming products, contact cases, or jewelry. It’s usually the stuff you use every day, and want readily within reach, but look away for two minutes and they will breed like frisky rabbits and pretty soon all those individual jars and pieces and bits will have taken over, leaving yourself little room to wash your face, let alone breathe. Here’s how to corral the biggest culprits.

These marble and metal shelves from A Merry Thought might be on the small side, but they are mighty —perfect for corralling all your cotton swabs, nail polish, and little bowls of jewelry.

If you need a little bit more, put it all on the wall by building this mountable makeup vanity with mirrors and storage. Follow the tutorial on A Pair & A Spare to get this exact one, but you can always customize the shelves to make it work for your own products and accessories.

A great (and often unused) spot is the wall above the toilet, which offers a nice bit of real estate for storage, like this take on ladder shelving by Brittany at Hooked on Houses. She added a wire basket for her toilet paper rolls, but it could easily be hair accessories, soap, or more.

These wall-mounted copper storage cups from A Beautiful Mess are both functional and fun for the eyes. And look how many items they hold!

This isn’t a wall-mounted solution like the others, but it merits a mention. Have extra soap and washcloths that you don’t know what to do with? Hang them up high with a tiered basket. You can buy a wire one (like this affordable copper version), but this macramé project from Joann is a nice decor item as well as storage.

Wall hooks are a great place to drape your necklaces, and hang up wet washcloths instead of draping them over your sink faucet. These wood and copper ones were created by Atelier de Curiosité out of wood dowels and paint.



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