Hands Off, This Smart Suitcase Drives Itself

Got big travel plans this summer? Whether you’re taking a staycation or going around the world, the question of the right luggage to bring is always top of mind. I’ll be doing a bit of my own world traveling this summer which means I’ve been up to serious suitcase research. For those flying this summer, we’ve, of course, offered a few of our own top picks for carry-ons, but now there’s a new bag that could very well be a game changer for the luggage industry.

Ovis luggage is a new self-driving suitcase offering from robotics company ForwardX. So what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s a carry-on with the ability to wheel itself through the airport. Ugh, wheeling your own luggage through the airport is so passé anyway. The Ovis, is the world’s first vision-powered bag of its kind. The company says that with its technology of ultrasonic sensors, the bag is able to calculate distances and sense obstacles; all of which enable the bag to follow behind you, or alternatively, right at your side — and at a speed of up to 7 miles per hour. In the event the bag should fall too far behind you as you navigate through the terminal, it’s equipped with an alarm to alert you.

The Ovis also comes complete with other smart technology features. For example, the accompanying Ovis app allows you to measure the weight of your bag right from your phone. Additionally, the suitcase has a real-time GPS location tracker should you and your suitcase become separated.

What do you think, has smart luggage gone too far? After all there’s also a motorized bag you can ride to your terminal (yes, really). Do you think the smarter the better? Or are you just happy to have anything with wheels?

h/t Travel + Leisure

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