6 Great TV Backyards We Want To Live In ‘Til Labor Day

Finally, summer barbecue season is upon us! Is your patio furniture dusted off? Do your flowers look fresh? Is there gas in the grill? Getting all the details right can be daunting, so what better way to get inspired than by gazing upon some of the best backyards on television? From patio to pool situations, all of these TV backyards would be perfect for those summer days that turn into summer nights.

Bonnie and Nathan’s deck, Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies offers us a wealth of fabulous backyards to choose from – some have beach access, all have spectacular views – but there is something so charming about Bonnie and Nathan’s deck and backyard. It’s the perfect escape from all the Monterey melodrama. Sure Madeline Martha Mackenzie throws up on it, but otherwise it is so inviting and cozy.

(Image credit: Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Lena and Stef’s backyard, The Fosters

With five angsty teens in the house, Lena and Stef know how important it is to have some outdoor space. That covered seating area with built in benches is pretty much made for family heart-to-hearts. From Mother’s Day brunches to disco-themed birthday parties to rain-soaked weddings to a gathering of loved ones building a treehouse to ensure a teenager finishes his senior project and also rediscovers his self-worth (it’s a whole thing, you guys), this backyard has seen it all. We should all be so lucky to get the chance to dance, laugh, and cry (so much crying!) in a backyard like this one.

(Image credit: The WB Television Network)

Sandy and Kirsten’s pool patio, The O.C.

What’s not to like? You’ve got a gorgeous swimming pool, some great ocean views, and a brooding teen wearing a choker in the pool house. Does life get any better? Well, if you forgo your typical BBQ and let Sandy Cohen wow you with a selection of fine bagels and schmears, why yes it does.

(Image credit: NBC/Getty Images)

The Banks’ side patio, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The best thing about the backyard on the Banks Estate in Bel-Air is not that its lush greenery provides privacy so that you’re able to do the Carlton as long and as passionately as your heart desires, but that it’s connected to the swanky kitchen. It makes barbecuing and entertaining your guests much more efficient (and more fun for the host) when you can easily move from the kitchen to the grill. Now that’s something to Carlton about.

The Crawley’s estate, Downton Abbey

The Crawley’s run the entire town, so everything is basically their backyard should they want it to be. But why go anywhere else when their estate is surrounded by sprawling green land that can host both a garden party and a convalescence area for wounded World War I soldiers. Now, that’s versatility you won’t get anywhere else. Carson would probably never allow the Crawleys to host something as gauche as a BBQ, but they could if they wanted to, and that’s all that matters.

Zeek and Camille’s backyard oasis, Parenthood

Cover me in twinkle lights and lay me to rest in this backyard. The trees and flowers alone are enough to make a person swoon (bless you, Camille), but throw in that gorgeous oversized table that fits the entire Braverman clan and you really have the perfect backyard for any family. When Zeek and Camille finally sold their home, it was for this backyard that I weeped the most.

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