IKEA Issues A Recall For Its SLADDA Bike

Say goodbye to SLADDA: IKEA announced a full recall for its innovative bike due to fall hazard reports.

SLADDA, which won some impressive design awards when it debuted in 2016 and only becoming available for purchase for $399 just last January, was part of the Swedish company’s drive to make cities less dependent on cars (and easier for city dwellers to care for).

The low-maintenance bike has a rust- and oil-free belt drive instead of a regular chain, which is what ultimately led to its downfall.

“IKEA has received 11 reports worldwide of the belt drive breaking, including two resulting in minor injury,” the voluntary recall notice says, stating that none of the reports were from the US.

Despite coming with a 10-year warranty on the belt drive (and 25 years on the frame), IKEA tells Fast Company that they haven’t found a good way to replace the faulty piece. An expert surmises that it’s just too costly a move:

“My guess is that they couldn’t replace the belt with anything they could be confident in without spending a whole lot more money, and instead decided this little bike experiment was not where they should be spending their time,” says Simon Dunne, a brand and design strategist who has worked in the bike industry.

The company suggests that the 4,900 people who purchased the bike in the US return it to their local IKEA store for a full refund. And although not recalled, the SLADDA accessories specifically designed to fit with SLADDA will also be refunded, no receipt needed.

h/t Citylab

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