Get Your Martha On For Less: Jet Is Having A Sale On Fancy Laundry Supplies

While few of us can boast a laundry room that looks like a zen retreat (unless you’re Mandy Moore), there is one way to make washing your clothes feel more luxurious: using fancy laundry supplies. Everything, from the design to the smell, to the lack of bright blue liquid spilling on your washing machine, makes it a lot better. But, of course, it can be hard to rationalize splurging on something that goes towards a household chore.

If you’re looking for a reason to dip your toes into the world of luxe detergent, Jet is currently running a 20% off sale on premium laundry products and cleaning supplies with code “SUMMERWHITES.”

The sale is exclusively on The Laundress and Caldrea products, both companies that exist somewhere in the Venn diagram of luxury home scents, all-natural ingredients, and home cleaners. The sale runs through June 12. Take a look at the full sale, or see our top picks below:

What better time than summer to invest in a detergent dedicated to keeping your whites whiter? Using natural bleach alternative, they’ll look newer longer. You can use them on sheets, as well as clothing with white in patterns, and it works in both hot water (for an all-white load) and warm or cold washes.

Speaking of summer, this sea spray-inspired scent will take you right to the beach, even if you are landlocked in your laundry room. The dryer sheets are also made from compostable, plant-based fibers.

If you wanna go full-on luxe, why not get a candle dedicated to your laundry room? Of course, this candle can go in any room in the house. While essential oils are meant to specifically combat odors, you can put it anywhere you’ll enjoy a mix of woody and awakening scents like lavender and grapefruit.

Our resident cleaning expert and AT editor Taryn Williford is a big fal of anything in the Caldrea Ginger Pomelo scent. “The ginger pomelo scent is pretty much perfect,” she says. “It balances that clean, fresh citrusy feeling with more herby, earthy notes.” It’s perfect as a final step in your cleaning routine in the form of this handy cleaning spray (that you also won’t feel embarrassed to leave out on the counter).



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