Before and After: This Wood Panel Living Room Wall Puts Shiplap to Shame

In just under a month, this living room went from cozy and sun-soaked to the homeowner’s favorite aesthetic: “boho surf-scandi.” And while the above photo reveals that the wall is in somewhat rough shape, just wait until you see the walls now…

Those near-black walls alone are dramatically to-die-for—I especially love the way they work with the fireplace and stove—but then you add the paneling and wow! Amazing. I appreciate how the wood adds lightness to the mostly dark room, without simply being a pale-painted accent wall. The texture of the wood is also key, bringing texture to the matte, almost flat interior. This renovation was created by Kathy and Marky Patterson of One Four Six Creative; from what I can tell, Kathy did most of the design while Marky handled most of the execution. What a dream team.

This makeover was completed in just four weeks, as part of the U.K.’s Revamp, Restyle, Reveal challenge, in which ten bloggers redo rooms over the course of four weeks. In exchange for posting their progress and final reveals, they get free materials from sponsors.

I wanted you to have a chance to fully appreciate this paneled wall, designed by Kathy and built by Marky. It’s fantastic! I also love the way the leather sofa shares hues with the darkest parts of the wood, while also looking amazing with the charcoal walls. Turquoise is a fun color to add to the mix, and all of the accessories can be swapped out in the future if desired.

Here’s another photo from when the Pattersons first moved in—that carpet color is kind of rad.

Here we get a glimpse of the pale flooring, which is “amazing concrete effect tiles,” and that darling window seat that Kathy describes as “a rocking window nook, somewhat reminiscent of the back of a renovated surf-shack camper van.” The cubbies below hold records, magazines, and “a built-in lightbox feature which is useful in case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have the full light of the moon situated in your living room.” I deeply appreciate that level of quirkiness. It could be easy for a room filled with brand new products—no matter how carefully chosen—to look like a page of a catalogue, but it’s obvious Kathy and Marky were able to imbue this living room with plenty of personality. Well done!

Thank you, One Four Six Creative!



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