IKEA and Anthropologie Won PETA Vegan Homeware Awards – See What Products Earned Them Recognition

Vegans rejoice! Being vegan isn’t easy, but it is very worth it. It can be very hard to find vegan-friendly restaurants when dining out. When it comes to shopping, you can almost forget it. Many major retailers do not sell products that are vegan-friendly. In fact, many retailers don’t even consider that their products are not vegan-vegetarian-animal friendly.

Not to worry though, IKEA and Anthropologie both just won PETA Homeware Vegan Awards for 2018. PETA celebrates brands, designers, and products that keep vegan lifestyles in mind.

Vegan eating and fashion are on the rise, as more and more people come to realize that you don’t need to harm animals to enjoy great food and an extensive choice of fashion essentials. But when it comes to a vegan lifestyle, it’s also about the items we fill our homes with.

From IKEA, the FÅRDRUP rug (~$13) won for the best faux-sheepskin rug.

“Decorating your cruelty-free home just got easier with this luxuriously soft faux-sheepskin rug that will add a cosy touch to any room.”

From Anthropologie, the Angelina sofa (in turquoise, ~$3,067) won for best vegan sofa.

“This stylish sofa is crafted with “performance wool” – which is actually not wool at all but a resistant, hard-wearing vegan fabric that will last for years, all without harming a hair on a sheep’s head.”

Other brands acknowledged by PETA in this year’s awards are Zara for the best wool-free blanket, The White Company for the best silk-free sheets, Vegan Bunny for the best vegan candle, and more. You can check out the entire list of winners on PETA’s website. Designer Erez Nevi Pana and influencer Suszi Saunders also earned nods this year.

Which product would you love to buy? I want that rug from IKEA for my living room.

H/T: Dezeen

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