#99: Our Latest (And Grossest) Home Experiment

When you put a lot of time or money into a project, you’ll go to great, weird, and sometimes gross lengths to protect it. We’ve got all the details in this week’s episode, along with a story that shows why renovating a house that’s over two hours away isn’t always a smooth process. Plus, we gathered some great advice on building a new home from scratch (or tackling a major renovation with a group of pros), including how to find the right team and avoid common pitfalls… and why you should keep your expectations in check.

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What’s New

  • Above you can see how the deer shredded about two thirds of our gingko tree while we were gone for a long weekend – and below you can see how they even stripped the new growth off of our holly trees. See where the foliage changes from a lighter green to dark green? Yep, that’s the “deer line” where they can reach. So they ate all the other bright green growth off the rest of the tree.

  • And if you didn’t believe it when you heard it (I hardly did) – there are plenty of options for buying animal urine on Amazon.
  • Also, given our “personal experiment,” I got a huge laugh out of this question posted in the review section of one of the products:

  • Here’s the side staircase at the beach house that we were attempting to stain over the last few weekends. There’s another one just like it at the back door. But this one gets better sun, hence Burger parking his buns there.

  • This photo above was taken after we had already cleaned and prepped it for staining (we used this All-In-One Wood Cleaner after doing a light pass with our pressure washer).
  • The original product we tried was Thompson’s Waterseal in Acorn Brown. This is a photo I took the next morning, which admittedly doesn’t look nearly as purple as it looked in the evening light. But it still had more coverage than we had hoped (we chose a semi-transparent stain because we wanted the woodgrain to come through) and it just didn’t look anything like the cool brown tester they said it matched.

  • Fast forward a couple more weekends and this is what it’s looking like now. This time we went with a clear sealer (Behr DeckPlus Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish). It still needs another coat, but it definitely brings out the tone of the wood without dramatically altering the color (just looks a little deeper and richer). Looks even better in real life – and a lot more finished than it did before we stained it.

Building A New Construction Home

  • First, a big thanks to everyone who weighed in on this topic for us (both publically and privately). We mentioned Dusty from the blog All Things G&D in particular, and you can see some of her posts about building her “dream home” here.

  • And if you missed the story of sourcing our own secondhand diamond-paned door for the duplex, you can see some of it in this Instagram post, along with this follow-up photo with The Amazing Amy who brought it to us from Philly since she happened to be passing through for a soccer tournament with her daughter. It was door fate!

  • And if you have any tips for people considering building a new construction home, please let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

We’re Digging

  • The shorts I’m loving are the $19 Goodfellow & Co Linden shorts from Target. I’ve already had trouble finding the standard colors in my size in store, so online may be your best bet. Just be aware that LOTS of their shorts share the “Linden” name, even some in different materials or waistbands (one is actually drawstring). I ordered the 9″ inseam versions in Slate Blue and Williamsburg Navy (shown at right above). I thought the latter was gray, but it was actually a seersucker fabric and NOT made from a stretch material, so I’m returning it. But I really like the slate blue ones – and as predicted, I bought a second pair.
  • If you want to get in on Sherry’s Instagram obsession, be sure to follow @CheapOldHouses

If you’re looking for something we’ve dug in a past episode, but don’t remember which show notes to click into, here’s a master list of everything we’ve been digging from all of our past episodes.

And lastly, a big thank you to You Need A Budget (YNAB) for sponsoring this episode. Sign up at YNAB.com/YHL to get your first three months free!

Thanks for listening, guys!

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