Father’s Day Q&A – A Father’s Day Activity

Father’s Day Q&A – A Father’s Day Activity

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A Father’s Day “Getting to Know You” Activity

We spend Father’s Day celebrating our dads and the dads of our children… but how well do you – or your kiddos – really know your dad? Have you ever spent his special day to get to know more about him? This Father’s Day activity, Father’s Day Q&A is sure to give you a little more insight into your father’s life. It comes with questions about his life before becoming a dad, which is the part we all missed out on. So give Dad the floor and get learning more about his life pre-YOU!

These are things I've always wanted to know about my dad! I can't wait to use this Father's Day Activity from thedatingdivas.com It's super quick and easy to put together - WIN! #Father'sDayActivity #Father'sDay #Father'sDayQuestions #TheDatingDivas

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Carisa of Messes to Memories designed this adorable game with us – complete with a sweater vest and tie! Don’t you love that little #1 Dad sign?! She made it so quick and easy to put together, you could even do this the morning of the big day if needed! And if you’re not going to do these right away, it’s probably a good idea to save it on Pinterest to come back to.

Father’s Day Q&A Card Prep

Questions for a Father's Day Activity

The Father’s Day activity cards are simple rectangles that you fold in half to make a two-sided card. This gives them extra durability and extra, extra cuteness—it’s a thing. 😉 Once you have your cards all folded, you can secure them with glue. We prefer to use Glue Dots or another roller adhesive because of their super-strength AND there is no wait time for drying. {Since we use cardstock the cards tend to fight against the glue unless you hold them together through drying time—nobody has time for that!}

Father's Day Activity Quick and Easy Prep

Father’s Day Q&A Card Box 

Fun Card Box for a Father's Day Activity

This adorable pillow box is easy to put together and made the finished product look amazing. Don’t be intimidated! Simply cut out the shape and pre-fold your lines. Then using your new favorite Glue Dots connect the white flap to the other side – making a tube-like shape. The top and bottom just fold in – put the one with the notch down first and the side without a notch on top. This should make a little “pillow” if it looks flat, just squeeze its sides a bit to balloon it out. Your Father’s Day activity is complete! Just add Dad!

Father’s Day Activity

Getting to Know Dad Father's Day Activity

Dad may be sleepy from eating too many of his favorite foods… but tell him he’s going to love this game, so wake up! This Father’s Day activity is great for all ages of kid or dads! I love learning new things about my dad and my husband, so it’s a perfect fit. Plus as your kids grow older they will want to know those important details of Dad’s life, like when was his first kiss?! {And yes… subquestions may come up like, “Was it with mom?!” So, get ready!}

Have your little ones help put this together so they have a part in the prep! My kiddo loved adding the cards to the box and “examining” them for quality control – I loved seeing her so excited to give this easy gift to her Daddy, and it will be a gift to her as she learns more about him.

Conversation Starters Father's Day Activity





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