Help Me Interpret this “Pair of Glasses” Synchronicity

The Blue-Framed Glasses

Source: Bernard Beitman

I bought some blue framed glasses because I thought they were cool. I put them on my desk with my back to the patient who walked in without my looking at her. I turned around to surprise her and lo and behold, she, for the first time in 20 or so sessions was also wearing glasses. She does not like to wear them but felt the urge to do so before coming in. 

The patient thinks in symbolic realism–that there are many symbols in daily life that reflect back our minds, conflicts and questions and that these symbols may be handled like dreams, novels, plays and especially movies. 

We laughed a lot. We spent some time discussing the meaning of this coincidence. Since she is a writer, I asked her to write an essay entitled “A pair of glasses”.  She laughed when I explained that this title is a condensation of the more accurate description: A Pair of a Pair of Glasses

Laughing together strengthened our already close relationship. It suggested that we were traveling on similar wave lengths, like two airplanes passing each other at the same altitude. What does it mean as part of her therapy with me? How can we use this synchronicity for her development? What does it mean for me?

Please let me know what you think about this one!


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