The $10 Way to Tame Your Bedroom’s Biggest Trouble Spot

Every home has its trouble spots, and one of mine happens to be in the bedroom. When I get undressed at night, I tend to drop my clothes wherever I’m standing at the time. These discarded items usually fall into two categories. There are the things I’ve worn, but aren’t really dirty (I’m looking at you jeans), and then there’s my actual dirty laundry. Both wind up—sometimes mixed together, sometimes separate—either at the foot of the bed, or on the floor. If you do something similar, here are a couple of budget $10 ways to tame the clothing piles.

Type #1: Kinda Clean Clothes

You don’t necessarily want these items to go back in a dresser drawer, or in the closet, but they aren’t quite ready for the dry cleaner yet either. You need the equivalent of a clothing purgatory to keep your things off the floor and out of the way, until you either wear them again, or decide it’s finally time to throw them in the washer. If you don’t mind the look of open storage in your bedroom, look to your walls for help:

These modern stone hooks from Squirrelly Minds are pretty in their own right, but also make great wall-mounted storage for sweatshirts and accessories. She used pieces of Rhodanite, but other rocks or minerals would work as well, such as agate slices.

Those clever and talented women over at A Beautiful Mess have an answer, and it involves turning cabinet knobs into wall-mounted hooks. Put them right inside your bedroom door for bags and accessories, which you can grab on your way out of the room, especially if you don’t have a functional entryway.

House to Hem did a variation on the theme, creating a long copper bar, hung with leather straps, which is just enough room for a couple of hangers for the clothes you tend to repeat without washing.

#2: Your Definitely-Dirty Laundry

Once you’ve done the sniff test, and know it’s time to clean your clothes, you still need somewhere—preferably off the floor—to keep your piles until it’s time to do laundry. Try these on for size:

Yellow Brick Home devised this laundry sorter solution, using DIY canvas bags hung on a series of hooks. It keeps everything just off the floor, and it’s easy to toss clothes in the right spot. These used beautiful cast iron hooks from Rejuvenation, but more basic ones would do the trick as well.

If you are out of wall space, there’s always the back of the door. Try making one of these pillowcase hampers with an embroidery hoop to give it structure. If you have a solid door, you can use a regular hook, otherwise an over-the-door hook is a great option for hollow core doors and renters. Learn how the bag was made at Making Nice in the Midwest.

And one more idea: Make one of these laundry bags, from Decor Hint, with corner loops for hooking onto a dresser drawer or a wall hook.

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